Medical Humanities Student Activities

Mavericks for Medical Humanities

Welcome to the brand new Mavericks for Medical Humanities organization!

Specific meeting dates for the fall semester of 2020 will be announced at a later date. Currently all meetings will be held biweekly and virtually to maintain social distancing. This organization is open to all students who are interested. We will often have guest speakers and/or discussion based general body meetings pertaining to how ethics, art, and social sciences overlap with the Medical Field.

Faculty Advisor

Steven Gellman, M.D. The University of Texas Medical Center in Houston (1979), M.F.A The Academy of Art University (2017)

Associate Professor of Practice

M.D., M.F.A.

steven gellman

Currently Teaching: Medical Humanities, Issues in American Healthcare thru Film, Clinical Medicine and the Human Experience, The Art of Diagnosing Disease in Humans, Independent Study in Medical Humanities, and Internship in Medical Humanities

Possible Organization Activities

  • Field trips to Memory Care Centers
  • Nursing Homes, etc.
  • Movies that showcase unique point of views relevant to the medical humanities
  • Guest speakers
  • Mixers/Social Gatherings

The purpose of this organization is to:

  1. Create a community that emphasizes the importance of empathy, communication, and humanity in medical care
  2. Promote the combination of ethics, art, and social sciences in the medical field
  3. Spread awareness to positively affect a diverse variety of future healthcare professionals
  4. Educate members of the organization about the humanities in medicine via hands on learning experiences