Finance and Infrastructure

As a University, we have created and continue to develop ambitious and forward-looking goals as part of our vision of becoming one of the nation’s most inclusive and impactful research universities. It’s imperative to our success that we develop our resource strategies and align our infrastructure plans to achieve our goals.

What We're Hearing

  • Align strategic goals and priorities to resources
  • Update the campus master plan to ensure alignment of space allocation to match research priorities and enrollment change
  • Improve connectivity between campus and downtown Arlington
  • Continue to expand student-centered spaces around campus, such as informal learning areas, gender-neutral bathrooms, and other spaces to meet future needs of our students

What We’re Exploring

  • Developing operational and financial strategies to strengthen the fiscal health and financial future of the University
  • Updating our campus master plan to focus on updating and building facilities that support and enhance teaching and learning to enrich the student experience
  • Conducting building condition assessments to support campus master planning

What We're Doing

  • Launching programming and design plans for a major addition and renovation to the Life Sciences Building
  • Working with the city to add sidewalks, lighting, and crosswalks to create a safer pedestrian experience
  • Increasing transparency of the budget and finances to support stakeholder engagement.