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2019 Winter Trips

Alternative Breaks

Pack your bags, let’s change the world!

Alternative Breaks is a student organization that plans service trips for UTA students to attend over the academic breaks. Through service, work, and education, we foster the personal growth of our participants.

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Trip 1:  “Who Run The World?” Kids! (Memphis, TN)

Memphis Trip

Prepare for a service trip across Memphis as we explore youth development and define the social determinants of health. To facilitate the learning process, we have partnered with organizations such as Hope House and The Children’s Museum of Memphis in an attempt to eliminate the stigma of HIV/AIDS. This is accomplished by having 1-on-1 hands interactions with children living with this disease. Lebonheur Children’s hospital is another community partner that plays a central role in advancing the health of all children, from prevention to critical care. Special Olympics Greater Memphis is an organization whose mission is to provide year-round training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Trip 2:  Wave Pollution Goodbye: Biscayne National Park & The Everglades National Park (Miami, FL)

Flordia Trip

Biscayne National Parks is found at the lower region of Florida within the visual sight of Miami. The park partners with several organizations to preserve the waters, islands, and coral reefs of southern Florida. Our group will focus on a different beach each day. The work will consist of cleaning the beach from human-sourced debris that would disrupt turtle nesting grounds. Service will be completed at Biscayne on the days of January 14,15,& 17. The Everglades National Park works to provide protection for the landscape in which rare, endangered species inhabit. Our group will be working on trail clearing and invasive plant removal to maintain the park's landscape condition. Service will be completed at the Everglades on January 13.

TRIP 3. Estas Manos No Lastiman: El Paso, TX

Elpaso Trip

CASF provides confidential assistance, educational programs, and hope to families in need. The scope of family violence is limitless: from the casualties of physical and mental abuse to the after-effects of violence spanning generations. CASF strives to offer education, support, and resources to women and families in need.

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Phone: (817) 272-0477

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