UTA Volunteers

Do you care about making the world a better place? So do we.
UTA Volunteers group at Wellman project posing with a colorful bus

About UTA Volunteers

UTA Volunteers is a group of passionate students who are dedicated to serving their local community. Members have the opportunity to learn about the deeper impact of a variety of social justice issues, raise awareness, and take action to make a positive change.

More than Service

Members develop their leadership potential as they learn about putting servant leadership into action and transform from community helpers to influential active citizens. They are encouraged take initiative and work with service directors to plan projects they care about, raise awareness, mobilize other students to take action, and participate in interactive reflections.

Membership Requirements

  • Attend the general body meetings every Tuesday at 2:00 pm. 
  • Volunteer during planned events and programs within the local community. 
  • Participate in campus  and organizational signature events. 
  • Attend mandatory trainings, workshops, and events.  

Join us

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