Freshman Leaders on Campus

The most prestigious start to your leadership journey at UTA.
Freshmen Leaders on Campus

About Freshman leaders on campus

Freshman leaders on campus is a prestigious and rigorous organization that focuses on training and preparing members to take on prominent leadership positions across campus. Members build strong bonds with one another, network with campus leaders, and practice leadership through an experiential learning curriculum.

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Membership in FLOC requires strong commitment and dedication to your personal growth and leadership development. Through completing the entire program, members are transformed into educated, reflective, and influential student leaders. Ready to commit?

Our History

Freshman Leaders on Campus was founded in the Fall of 2002. Former Student Congress President, Chris Featherstone, proposed the establishment of FLOC in order to identify freshmen who have interest in leadership at UTA. Since being founded, FLOC members have gone on to leadership positions in many facets of student life. By utilizing skills learned in the organization member have moved on to roles as Student Governance President and Senators, Freshmen Orientation Leaders, Peer Leaders, Residence Hall Assistants, Ambassadors and EXCEL Directors.

Jim Burfisher Memorial Scholarship

The Jim Burfisher Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000 award only available to FLOC members. It is presented annually to a member who exhibits exemplary leadership, academic excellence, and genuine humility. Traits that stood out in the awards namesake.

About Jim Burfisher

Jim Burfisher was born in Chicago, Illinois to William and Deborah.  He attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated in 2003 with a degree in Economics. Jim was a kindhearted, humble person who led by example and respected those around him. After his passing in 2010, the family looked for opportunities that would allow Jim’s name to live on through worthy causes which embodied both his spirit and passion.  Freshman Leaders on Campus was selected because of its reputation as a top flight leadership organization as well as its connection to Chris Featherstone, Jim’s cousin, who helped found the organization while attending UTA. 



Through training, coaching, and events, members learn about a variety of leadership theories, models, and skills. Some of these include servant leadership, transformational leadership, conflict management, diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism, leadership ethics, followership, personal reflection, and professional development.
Members are expected to attend weekly meetings, complete 3 hours of membership participation each month and attend scheduled mandatory trainings, events, and retreats.