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Know more about what's happening around campus. Download the MavOrgs App Now!

MavOrgs Mobile

Want to know more about what's happening around campus? Download the MavOrgs Mobile App! MavOrgs Mobile has all of the UTA's engagement experiences in one place. Students, faculty, and staff can search through available opportunities and discover what matters to them. Whether you're looking for something quick or planning for your next few weeks, the MavOrgs Mobile will make sure you stay connected. MavOrgs Mobile allows for students to make connections that lead to opportunities, set goals, unlock resources and track their success.

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This provides more visibility for your organization. Utilizing the tools in MavOrgs Mobile you will be able to broadly publish your organizations events, meetings, and purpose.
When you open the app click on the three horizontal bars in the top right hand corner to open your user drawer. Click "Event Pass."
Profiles are linked to individual users. Pages represent organizations on the app. If you are an admin of an organization page, you can post on behalf of that organization in addition to posting as yourself.
No. All student's event passes will be on their MavOrgs Mobile profile. If you would like to track attendance you will still need to use the Event Check-In App. See "Tracking attendance using the event check-in app" here.
You can add any user to a group chat even if you're not connected with them. Users can leave a group chat at any time. If you're not connected with a user in your group chat you can communicate with them in the group chat, however you cannot direct message them.
If you're NOT a Primary Contact of an organization on MavOrgs Mobile - only users from your network can direct message you. If you ARE a Primary Contact of an organization on MavOrgs Mobile - anyone can message you.
Go to the Discover Page and click People. Then, click the discover icon on the top right, which will take you to a page with new potential connections as shown to the right.
When you connect with another user, they will receive a notification about your request and can choose to approve or deny it. When connected, you can direct message that user, and their posts will appear on your My Network feed.
Go to the home page of the app. Click the blue plus button in the bottom right hand corner to craft your post. If you want to post as your organization, click the "posting as" drop-down button to select your organization (otherwise you will post as yourself).
In general, we recommend posting about 3 times per week. If you have an engagement experience to share, always share it. Try to post at least once a week to show you and your organization are active.
If you identify a post as inappropriate or inaccurate, you can report it by clicking the three information dots on the post shown to the right, which will prompt you to submit a report. Reports go to the app admin, developers and the Office of Student Organizations for review.