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Faculty Resources

Thank you for consulting the Office of Student Conduct's website to learn more about academic integrity and scholastic dishonesty. We hope that the information that we have provided for you will help with any scholastic dishonesty or disruptive behavior concerns that you may have. While at our website, we encourage you to explore all the information you feel will be essential to answering these questions. In submitting your referral, you must complete the form below:

Faculty Referral of Honor Code Violation (Word)

Faculty Referral of Honor Code Violation (PDF)

Once you have completed this form, forward it to the Office of Student Conduct with supporting documentation where a discipline sanction may be imposed. We ask that you keep in mind that the student has the right not to sign the form and must be given the opportunity to deny the allegations.

volunteers working on Catalina Island


Break out

Spend your Spring Break doing more than getting a tan by volunteering for projects in Florida, California, New Orleans, or other locales.

Alternative Spring Break