The Future Of Business Is...Playful

November 2015
Everyone likes to play, and most of us like to win. Tapping into these motivations for public or private benefit is the idea behind gamification.
On the public side, CAPTCHA (the codes you need to type into a website to prove that you’re human) are being used to digitize the world’s books, one word at a time, via reCAPTCHA. A related game (the ESP game) asks users to describe pictures. When their descriptions of the pictures match those of their counterparts, players get points. The outcomes from these descriptions are being used to label all the images on the web so that they are more searchable. More...

News & Events

Management Student Looks to Make his Mastery over Rubik’s Cube Profitable

Nov. 6, 2015
UTA College of Business management student Anthony Brooks is using classroom skills to take his world-class Rubik’s Cube-solving skills around the globe, to the marketplace and to entertainment venues. More...

State Farm Sponsors Selling Competition for UTA Business Students

Nov. 2, 2015
Students in the Professional Sales Program will display their selling skills during role-play exercises with State Farm sales professionals for a chance to win scholarships. More...