Women’s History Month Showcase - Hofran Ngoma

Today we are highlighting Hofran Ngoma, a Marketing student, during Women’s History Month.

Wednesday, Mar 27, 2024 • Jeremiah Valentine : jeremiah.valentine@uta.edu

The University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Business proudly celebrates Women's History Month by highlighting students and their unique experiences on campus. Today, we highlight Hofran Ngoma, a Marketing student.

Hofran Ngoma Headshot
Hofran Ngoma Headshot

If you could interview one successful businesswoman, who would it be, and why? What questions would you ask them?
If I were to interview a successful businesswoman, my choice would be Huda Kattan. I selected Mrs. Kattan due to her distinctive journey in the beauty industry and the profound influence she wields in shaping global beauty standards and trends. She has diligently built her globally acclaimed makeup brand, ascending from a makeup artist to the CEO of a billion-dollar company.

- Starting a beauty brand is a significant undertaking. Can you share insights into your entrepreneurial journey, from the early stages of Huda Beauty to its current global success?

- Huda Beauty is known for its diverse range of products. How do you approach product development, ensuring innovation and quality while staying true to the brand's identity?

- What inspired your decision to return as CEO of Huda Beauty, and in light of this return, can you share your vision for the company under your leadership this time?

Who is the most inspiring woman you know, and why?
Francoise Nkenda, my mother, stands as the epitome of love and diligence in my eyes. Her remarkable character serves as an ongoing inspiration, propelling me to consistently seek new challenges, striving to evolve into the finest version of myself, and extending care to those around me. To me, she's not just a mother; she's a real-life superhero. Juggling numerous roles – a woman, businesswoman, wife, mother, sister, friend, and more – she wears these hats with grace and resilience. The lessons I continually absorb from her enrich my life, and I am genuinely thankful to have such an incredible woman figure shaping my journey.

Hofran Ngoma with Mom
Hofran Ngoma with her mother

What moment in Women’s History has influenced you the most?
When Kamala Harris took the oath of office as the first woman and first woman of color Vice President, it marked a monumental moment. The significance of representation cannot be overstated, particularly in the pursuit of inspiring others to break away from outdated norms. That instance was not just a significant milestone for her; it resonated deeply with many young women and women of color, myself included. It became a powerful affirmation that we, too, could aspire to such heights. It instilled in us the belief that with determination and effort, we could become whoever we aspired to be.

Imagine 5 years later, as a successful business professional in your field, you have been asked to advise the next generation of UTA women; what would you say?
To the upcoming generation of UTA women, my advice echoes with resilience: never surrender, for the journey holds immeasurable worth in the end. Life's chaos may bring moments of self-doubt or even lead to a stumble, yet in those times, I encourage you to seek guidance and embrace the helping hand that guides you back on your feet.

What is the theme song to Women's History Month?
“Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé is a powerful theme song that highlights the strength and influence of women.