Dissertation Research Enhancement Grant


Eligible students from College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs; College of Business; College of Education; College of Liberal Arts; and the School of Social Work are invited to apply for a Dissertation Research Enhancement Grant. Awards are for a maximum of $2000. 

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to support dissertation research of the highest quality. The funds are to be used in order to advance understanding, skills or provide resources that are not available through existing University assets. Proposed activities or resources must be directly related to a student’s dissertation. Examples of acceptable uses for a Dissertation Research Enhancement Grant include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Consultation or collaborative work with experts on matters directly related to the dissertation when such support is not available at UT Arlington.
  • Travel to sites of unique sources of research material, archives, libraries, field stations.
  • Travel to conduct Interview(s) with an author or other persons on whom the dissertation focuses.  
  • Participation in a workshop or short course directly relevant to the dissertation (e.g., to learn methodology).
  • Payment of subjects participating in a research project, if a strong rationale is provided showing that subject payment is necessary and will enhance markedly the quality, scope, reliability, etc., of the data collected.
  • The purchase of specialized small equipment items, supplies, data sets, only if funds for such items are not available from other sources (i.e., advisor's grant, department funds). Note: Departments will be required to pay one-half of the cost of any equipment item (which must remain at UT Arlington).
  • A research assistant or other personnel to carry out work that the dissertation student cannot reasonably be expected to conduct (extensive analysis of data, computer programming, etc.).
  • Other unique services not available at the university, such as sophisticated data or chemical analyses.
  • Statistical or editorial consultation.

Things that will NOT be funded:

  • Any activities or resources that are not essential constituents of the research as described and understood in the dissertation proposal.
  • Conference travel to attend general discussions on the topics in a student’s field or to present a paper.


  • The student must be in good standing.
  • The student must have a proposal or prospectus formally approved by their supervising committee before submitting an application for a Dissertation Research Enhancement Grant.
  • The student must be from one of the following colleges and/or departments: College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs; College of Business; College of Education; College of Liberal Arts; and the School of Social Work. 
  • Applications for the Dissertation Research Enhancement Grant must be sought and granted before the proposed activity occurs. Awards will not be granted retroactively. 


There is no deadline for submitting requests.  The Graduate Office will make decisions on support within three weeks after receiving all of the necessary materials.  Requests should be submitted online through the application form.


If you have any questions, please contact Joe Jackson (jackson@uta.edu) or send an email to graduate.studies@uta.edu.

Click here for the full description of the grant and instructions on the application process.

Application submission:

In order to submit your proposal in the online application you need the following documents:

Please note: Per university policy, air travel must be booked through Corporate Travel Planners. Students engaging in international travel must comply with applicable International Travel Policies.

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