Data and Digital Tools

Here you will find workshops offered during the 2018-2019 academic year presented by the UT Arlington Central Library specifically for graduate students. Not able to attend a workshop in person? No problem. This page includes online resources for each of the workshops as well. 

Data and Digital Tools At-A-Glance


Online Resources from Past Workshops

Below you will find online resources for workshops previously held on campus. Feel free to browse through these materials, and if you are interested to learn more, check back for future workshops on these topics.

Being Part of the Scholarly Conversation: How Students can get a Head Start on their own Scholarly Impact by Learning Tools like ORCID Scholarly Identifier

In today’s academic world, having a strong digital identity is more important now than ever. In this workshop, presented by Brooke Troutman from the UT Arlington Central Library, students will gain the confidence to establish a digital presence, build their academic individuality, and learn how to sign up for and use an ORCID scholarly identifier. ORCID is an essential piece for any academic professional.

This event has been canceled. Interested students may contact Brooke Troutman ( for workshop materials.

Cleaning and Structuring Data

Get acquainted with strategies for structuring spreadsheets, detecting errors, cleaning tabular data, and de-identifying data. Learn ways of overcoming other common issue that arise when working with data. This workshop is led by Peace Ossom Williamson, the Director for Research Data Services from the UT Arlington Central Library.

Click here for online resources pertaining to this event. 

Your Work, Your Rights: Retaining Your Copyright

Learn how to retain your copyright when submitting articles to journals. This is especially important if you plan to submit an Article-Based Dissertation. 

Click here to access the video of this event. 

Publishing Your First Article

Thinking about submitting an article for publication? Take a look at this workshop for more information on best practices. 

Click here to access the video recording of this workshop.

Intro to SPSS

The SPSS workshop covers counting responses, computing descriptive statistics, examining distributions, cross-tabulations, plotting data, and some basic inferential statistics.