Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Workshops

These workshops will introduce you to concepts concerning the responsible and ethical conduct of research. Events will be added to this page throughout the year, so please check back for more offerings. In addition, please visit the Responsible Conduct of Research page for online training modules and information on how to get certification for RCR workshops.

RCR Workshops At-A-Glance

Peer Review and Its Importance in Research

June 10, 12-1:30pm, Online

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Peer Review and Its Importance in Research

Peer review is an important aspect in assessing a researcher’s scholarly work by an independent researcher or a colleague. In general, a peer reviewer evaluates the scholarly work in depth and from a different angle, provides an independent assessment, finds any loophole or deficiencies, and helps with constructive criticisms so that research can be further improved and advanced. This is a very important and common practice in considering research publication in journals, grant funding, scholarships, and others. In this workshop, panel members Zui Pan (Nursing & Health Innovation), Suvra Pal (Mathematics), and Weidong Zhou (Electrical Engineering) will discuss different aspects of peer review in research and its importance in graduate education.

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More Workshops Coming Soon!

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