Research Resources

Copyright and your Dissertation

  • With the new changes to theses/dissertations requirements, obtaining appropriate copyright permissions is now more important than ever. If you are writing a thesis or dissertation, attend the copyright and your thesis/dissertation events to make sure there are no surprises at the end of your graduate degree. 

I Engage Mentoring Program

  • The I Engage Program provides funding for doctoral students to gain teaching and mentoring experience. Doctoral students design a research experience for undergraduate students and mentor them through the summer semester. This allows doctoral students to gain valuable mentoring experience and also have extra help in gathering dissertation research. The program also includes a series of workshops that help graduate students learn how to mentor effectively.    

Institutional Review Board (IRB) 

  • Does your research involve human subjects? The IRB presents workshops each semester that provide expert advice on receiving approval from the UT Arlington IRB for your research project. 
  • Submitting an IRB Protocol
    • Master’s students should submit at least one semester in advance of planned graduation.
    • Doctoral students should submit at least 9 months in advance of planned graduation.
    • IRB protocols submitted in the same semester of planned graduation are not guaranteed to complete the IRB review process in sufficient time.

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Institute

  • Led by the UT Arlington RCR Workgroup, the RCR Institute offers programming that focuses on the responsible and ethical conduct of research. In addition to the valuable information, graduate students can also receive RCR certification on their transcripts once they have met all the requirements.  

Recommended Reading

  • The books and websites listed on this page can help you navigate the process of researching your thesis/dissertation.