Communication Series

On this page you will find workshops that will help you improve your communication skills. Attending a conference? Want to improve your speaking abilities in order to teach your class more confidently? Looking for strategies to improve cross-cultural professional communication? Take at look at the workshops designed to help you become a better communicator!

Communication Series At-A-Glance

Professional Communication for International Graduate Students Mar. 1, 2-3pm (Online)

Mar. 2, 6-7pm (Online)


Professional Communication for International Graduate Students: Navigating Tricky Topics

From professional e-mail etiquette to negotiations to making an effective argument, this live online workshop offers strategies for approaching some of the trickiest communication topics international graduate students are likely to face in professional settings--both during graduate school and beyond.

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Previous Events in this Series

Online Communication for Graduate Students

For today's graduate students, striking the right tone in online professional communications is more important than ever. This live online workshop will provide actionable tips and strategies for acing your professional e-mails, online professional networking, and online interviews.

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Preparing an Abstract    

Interested in learning how to format your research abstract in order to get accepted to a disciplinary research conference? The Writing Center will present this workshop on constructing an abstract that will help you to create a concise and focused abstract from your research project. This workshop is sponsored by the ACES symposium, but is designed to help you write an abstract submission so its accepted to ACES or any other discipline specific conference. 

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Professional Communication for International Graduate Students: Positive First Impressions  

This workshop will focus on creating positive first impressions in a professional setting. Special attention will be given to navigating American cultural norms in a professional context.

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Getting the Most out of Academic Conferences

Are you attending an academic conference? This workshop will help you make a game plan to navigate your conference. We'll share steps you can take before, during, and after the conference to get the most out of the experience.

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