Graduate Student Organization Grant

Program Purpose

The Graduate School will provide grants to graduate student organizations recognized by Division of Student Affairs. Graduate Student Organization Grants may be used for workshops, events, or other programs supporting purposes including but not limited to community building, student success and well-being, recruitment of new graduate students, and career development. Grants are not intended to support costs of routine and ongoing expenses such as ongoing, periodic general meetings. Supported activities are expected to engage primarily graduate students or prospective graduate students.


Award Information and Application Deadline

Proposals must be submitted on our online application form. (See "Application Process" below for more information.)Cost-sharing is encouraged but not required. The amount of an award will generally not exceed $5,000, unless justified by exceptional visibility, importance, or attendance. Collaborative proposals from multiple organizations will be considered.

There is no deadline for proposals, which will be considered for funding when received. We will not make awards for events or activities that are already scheduled or have already occurred, because our priority is to enable new opportunities that lack sufficient resources. Awards may be conditional on the availability of funds. 


Follow Up Requirements

Organizations receiving a grant will be expected to submit a post-event report providing information about presenter(s), attendance, and assessments of satisfaction, outcomes, or impact (the Graduate School can provide advice on such assessments). The report must include information on costs incurred, and all spending must be consistent with applicable university and state policies.


Application Process

Proposals must be submitted on our application form. Proposals should include a completed and signed cover sheet, a summary of past attendance at the organization’s general meetings and special events and expected attendance at event(s) to be supported. Name(s) of faculty or staff who advise the organization should be provided. Proposals should include a summary of funding or other resources available to the organization.

Click here to download the Graduate Student Organization Grant Cover sheet.

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