For Faculty

All faculty teaching a credit-based lecture, lab, seminar, or practicum with at least five students enrolled after the drop date (or at least three students as in the courses offered by the Music Department) are asked to inform, remind, and encourage students to complete the SFS. The SFS is currently administered through Watermark CES.

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SFS Process


Faculty will receive an e-mail from UT Arlington Course Evaluations three days before the survey opens, with the following subject line: Enter your custom questions - Course evaluations will be deployed soon!

Each student will receive an initial e-mail invitation with links to the survey through their UTA e-mail account.

Surveys will be available only during the survey period described below:


Types of Courses and Duration: Students receive initial invitation: Survey closes:
Regular Courses (15-weeks) 2 weeks before course end date 11 pm on course end date
Accelerated online and other courses (less than 15-weeks) 1 week before official course end date 11 pm 2 days before course end date


Reminders will be sent daily until the survey is completed by the students.

Students will also be prompted to take the survey every time they log into Canvas. They will also find the links to the survey by clicking any of their courses and going to the Course Evaluations tab on the navigation menu.

Faculty members will be able to access their Watermark CES dashboard through Canvas, where they will be able to check the response rate for their courses. 

After all grades are officially posted by the Office of the Registrar, an email notification will be sent to all faculty, allowing them to view and download course reports.

Students’ responses are confidential to the extent permitted by applicable law and University regulations.

Summary Reports


The summary data below are arranged alphabetically by each professor’s last name. To locate data for particular courses, use the search function in your browser (CRTL + F) and enter the appropriate key terms (e.g. instructor’s last name, course prefix, course title).


Below you will find some anticipated questions about the SFS. If your question is not addressed, please send an e-mail to and it will be answered within the next five business days.

  • Are all courses going to be issued a survey?

No. Only lecture, lab, seminar, or practicum courses with at least five students enrolled by the drop date will be issued a survey.

  • The course I am teaching is not a standard 15-week course. When will my students be able to complete the SFS?

For regular courses offered outside the standard 15-week schedule, invitation to the SFS will be issued approximately one week prior to the course’s end date, and the SFS will close at 11 pm on the course end date.

For accelerated online courses, the survey period will be one week long, and the survey will close at 11 pm two days before the official course end date.

  • How will students know that they are supposed to complete the SFS online?

Every student will receive an e-mail message informing him/her about the survey, with a link to it. Students will also be prompted to answer the survey every time they log into Canvas, or can also find the link under the Course Evaluations tab in the navigation pane located on the left of the page. These links will be available only during the survey period.

  • Is there a central website where my students can access all SFS at once?

Yes. Students may see all of their outstanding surveys on Canvas during the survey period.

  • If a student is taking more than one course this term, will that student receive multiple e-mail messages with survey links for each course?

No. Students will receive only one e-mail invitation with all the SFS links for the courses in which they are enrolled. The invitation will also contain instructions on how to access the survey. Afterwards, daily reminders will be sent during the survey period. All e-mail notifications are sent to UTA addresses only.

  • What if my student do not check their UTA e-mail account?

In case students do not check their UTA e-mail account, links to the SFS will be available for each course under the tab Course Evaluations in Canvas. They will also be prompted to take the survey by a pop-up screen that will appear every time they log into Canvas during the evaluation period. However, these links will be there only during the survey period. Once the survey closes, it cannot be reopened.

  • Should I offer incentives such as extra credit to students completing the SFS?

Although offering extra credit could boost response rates, it also has the unwanted effect of biasing the results, particularly if other departments/disciplines do not offer extra credit. If you want to provide incentives, do it  only as a class project, where the whole class will receive extra points after a specific response rate has been reached. Other methods, such as giving students reminders and class time to complete evaluations can also increase responses to the SFS. We ask instructors to focus on these later methods.

  • Am I required to discuss the SFS with my students?

No. However, there is evidence that explaining the importance of the SFS to your students – the role of their feedback in improving the course, and assisting in improving your teaching practice - can impact response rates. Allowing them time in class to complete the survey may also increase your overall response rate.

  • I am co-teaching a course. Will the students fill out separate surveys for all instructors?

Yes, provided that your department has contacted the SFS team with this information prior to administrative deadlines. Contact your department as soon as possible and make sure they have communicated this to the SFS team.

  • If one of my students misses the deadline for completing the survey, can a new survey be issued?

No. All surveys must be completed during the timeframe specified in the invitation sent to their UTA e-mail address.

  • As the instructor, will I be able to connect a student’s survey responses to his/her identity?

No. Students’ responses are confidential. Their responses are not stored with their identifying information.

  • When will I receive my survey results?

Each instructor should expect to receive a notification e-mail with the link to the results approximately two weeks after the survey period ends and after final grades have been posted on MyMav. Instructors will be able to access their reports through the Course Evaluations tab in Canvas.

  • I did not receive a summary report for one of my classes. What do I do?

Faculty members in this situation should file a missing report form, which can be accessed here.