For Students

Students’ responses to the SFS are confidential to the extent permitted by law and University regulations.

Although participation is voluntary, it is strongly encouraged as students' feedback impacts future course design and assists instructors in evaluating course content.

Only courses with five or more students enrolled after the official drop date will be issued a survey. Exceptions to this rule apply only to the courses offered by the Music Department, which may be eligible for the SFS with three or more students.

This survey is administered entirely online – students receive an invitation with links to complete their SFS through an e-mail from UT Arlington Course Evaluations close to the course official end date.

Students will also be prompted to participate in the survey every time they log into Canvas during the administration period. A pop-up screen will appear directing them to the SFS. Links to the SFS can also be found under the Course Evaluations tab in the navigation menu.

Surveys will be available only during the survey period described below:

Types of Courses and Duration: Students receive initial invitation: Survey closes:

Regular Courses (15-weeks)

2 weeks before course end date

11 pm on course end date

Accelerated online and other courses (less than 15-weeks)

1 week before official course end date

11 pm 2 days before course end date

Reminders are sent daily until the survey is completed by the students.

No surveys will be issued/reopened after their closing date.


Assessing faculty’s teaching is a complex and multi-faceted endeavor. Many factors affecting faculty’s performance in the classroom lie beyond the scope of the SFS, and must not be evaluated by any single, isolated measure.

UTA employs thousands of instructors at various academic ranks, with varying levels of experience, teaching a wide array of courses of differing types and sizes, within various disciplines. Moreover, comparisons among faculty members may be misleading and do not yield to meaningful conclusions.

In view of this, the summary data reported on this website should not be viewed as comprehensive by any means.

The results reported below consist of the students’ responses to five mandatory questions, as approved by the UT System’s Chancellor:

  1. The instructor clearly defined and explained the course objectives and expectations.
  2. The instructor was prepared for each instructional activity.
  3. The instructor communicated information effectively.
  4. The instructor encouraged me to take an active role in my own learning.
  5. The instructor was available to students either electronically or in person.

The response scale for each question appears as follows:

1 2 3 4 5
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree

Summary Reports

The summary data below are arranged alphabetically by each professor’s last name. To locate data for particular courses, use the search function in your browser (CRTL + F) and enter the appropriate key terms (e.g. instructor’s last name, course prefix, course title). 


Below you will find some anticipated questions about the SFS. If your question is not addressed, please send an e-mail to and it will be answered within the next five business days.

  • My instructor handed out paper course evaluation forms in our class. Was this the same as the online SFS?

No. All official University surveys are conducted online. Any paper survey you may have received was a supplemental survey administered by the instructor, department, school, or college.

  • Are all courses going to be issued a survey?

No. Only lecture, lab, seminar, or practicum courses with at least five students enrolled by the drop date will be issued a survey. Music courses with at least three students will also be surveyed.

  • Am I required to complete the SFS?

No. Your participation in the SFS is voluntary and although the instructor may encourage students’ participation in the survey, this is by no means a requirement.

  • Will the instructor be able to recognize my responses to the survey by linking them to my identity?

No. Your responses will remain confidential to the extent permitted by law and University regulations.

  • Will participation in the SFS, or survey results influence my grade in the course?

No. Instructors will not receive any survey data until after final grades have been submitted and certified by the University, thereby ensuring the integrity of the process. Faculty receive only aggregated data for their courses, not individual student data. Students' responses remain anonymous to the extent permitted by law and University regulations.

  • Is there a central website where I can access the SFS for all my courses at once?

Yes. Links to the SFS will be available for each course  Canvas page ( You will have to click on each course at a time. The SFS will be located under the course evaluations tab in the navigation pane on the left of the page.

  • How do I access the survey if my course is not available on Canvas?

Even if your course is not on Canvas, links will be available there for all your courses during the survey period. You will also receive the links through your UTA e-mail.

  • What if I do not read my UTA e-mail? Do I have another option?

Yes. You can visit your Canvas page at The survey links will be available there for each course you are taking. You can find them by clicking the button below the pop-up screen you will see in the screen every time you log into Canvas. This pop-up screen will disappear after all your evaluations have been submitted. You can also find the link to the survey by clicking one of your courses, then going to course evaluations, which is located on the navigation pane on the left of the page.

  • If I am taking five courses this term, will I receive five separate e-mail messages with links for the survey?

No. You will receive only one e-mail (initial invitation) with links to the SFS for each course you have been enrolled in that specific term. Daily reminders with they link will also be sent until all evaluations have been submitted.

  • I am taking a team-taught course. Will I fill out separate surveys for each instructor in the course?

You will fill only one survey for each course. However, for courses with more than one instructor, you will answer each question separately for each instructor listed in the course.

  • Am I going to be able to complete the survey even if I missed the initial e-mail invitation?

Yes. In case you do not respond to the initial invitation, you will receive daily reminders with links to the survey. These links will also be available in Canvas ( during the survey period.

  • If I miss the deadline for completing the survey, can a new survey be issued?

No. All surveys must be completed during the timeframe specified in the initial invitation sent to your e-mail address.