National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) gathers information on undergraduates’ academic and learning strategies, the quality of their interaction with peers and faculty, and their engagement with other educationally purposeful activities and programs offered by the University.

It focus on the experience of first-year and senior students, and although NSSE does not assess student learning directly, it certainly provides insights on how students utilize their time and effort, how challenged or supported they feel at UTA, and how much they perceived to have grown personally and academically as a result of their attendance to college.

NSSE consists of sets of related survey items organized into 10 Engagement Indicators, grouped into four Engagement Themes, which have been adapted from NSSE’s former Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice.

Engagement Themes Engagement Indicators
Academic Challenge Higher-Order Learning;
Reflective & Integrative Learning;
Learning Strategies;
Quantitative Reasoning.
Learning with Peers Collaborative Learning;
Discussions with Diverse Others.
Experiences with Faculty Student-Faculty Interaction;
Effective Teaching Practices.
Campus Environment Quality of Interactions;
Supportive Environment.

The results of the survey are used to identify what we are doing well, and what areas require change and improvement, leading to policies and practices that are consistently aligned with good practices in undergraduate education. This information can be very useful to prospective students, their parents, academic deans and student affairs personnel, faculty, college counselors, assessment coordinators, and researchers, among others.

The survey takes place every other year during the spring semester (opens early February and closes on the second week of May). Students receive an initial invitation by e-mail from NSSE, followed by four reminders. Access to the survey will only be available through the link provided in the initial message and e-mail reminders sent by NSSE. Institutional results are available in August.

For more information on NSSE, contact Doris G. Navarro, Ph.D., Director of Evaluations and Surveys, at or 817-272-3418.