For Staff

Each department needs to appoint a staff member to serve as the SFS point of contact. This individual will be responsible for entering and updating course information in MyMav (course start/end dates, instructor(s), etc.).

The following table is an overview of the SFS process as it applies to regular 15-week courses:

When Who What
Weeks preceding academic term Chairs/Deans
Curriculum Committee
Department/School Staff
Verify the modality of instruction for each course in MyMav (e.g. lecture, lab, seminar, practicum, etc.). If changes are required, process those via department’s curriculum committee.
Weeks preceding academic term Chairs/Deans
Department/School Staff
Enter course data into MyMav, including instructor(s), instructor status (primary/secondary), workload percentages, start/end dates, etc.
By census date Chairs/Deans
Department/School Staff
Update MyMav records so that all courses have instructors assigned to them.
Week after census date Department Staff Provides a list of courses to SFS Team, for which:
1. There are multiple instructors; and
2. The instructors wish to be evaluated individually.
Day after the last official drop date SFS Team Pull course, instructor, and student information from MyMav, schedule survey dates within Watermark CES, and execute surveys.
Mid November/April Vice-Provost for Faculty Affairs Notify all faculty members about impending deployment of the SFS (via faculty listserv).
Two weeks before last day of class SFS Team Send e-mail messages to all students (via MavMail) inviting them to complete the SFS. The e-mail message includes a hyperlink to the survey site with instructions on how to access the survey.
Daily during survey period SFS Team Set up automatically generated reminders that will be sent to all students who have not yet responded to the survey.
Last day of class (11 PM) SFS Team Close all surveys.
Up to one week after grades are officially posted SFS Team Send a notification through e-mail to all faculty with the link to the results dashboard.
One week after faculty reports are sent SFS Team Send notification e-mail with the link to the results dashboard to chairs/support staff.

Because of changes in the SFS process, we are asking each unit to reconsider which member of its staff should serve as the SFS contact. This individual should be the one who is responsible for entering and updating course information in MyMav: instructor assignments, start/end dates, etc. 

Summary Reports

The summary data below are arranged alphabetically by each professor’s last name. To locate data for particular courses, use the search function in your browser (CRTL + F) and enter the appropriate key terms (e.g. instructor’s last name, course prefix, course title). 


Assessing faculty’s teaching is a complex and multi-faceted endeavor. Many factors affecting faculty’s performance in the classroom lie beyond the scope of the SFS, and must not be evaluated by any single, isolated measure.

UTA employs thousands of instructors at various academic ranks, with varying levels of experience, teaching a wide array of courses of differing types and sizes, within various disciplines. Moreover, comparisons among faculty members may be misleading and do not yield to meaningful conclusions.

In view of this, the summary data reported on this website should not be viewed as comprehensive by any means.

The results reported below consist of the students’ responses to five mandatory questions, as approved by the UT System’s Chancellor:

  1. The instructor clearly defined and explained the course objectives and expectations.
  2. The instructor was prepared for each instructional activity.
  3. The instructor communicated information effectively.
  4. The instructor encouraged me to take an active role in my own learning.
  5. The instructor was available to students either electronically or in person.

The response scale for each question appears as follows:

1 2 3 4 5
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree


Below you will find some anticipated questions about the SFS. If your question is not addressed, please send an e-mail to and it will be answered within the next five business days.

  • What does my department have to do so students will know when to complete a SFS?

You do NOT have to do anything, provided that you have ensured that the course data entered into MyMav is accurate (e.g. instructor(s) of record, team-taught courses, start/end date of the course, course category, and so forth) AND has been published by the deadline provided by the SFS team.

Faculty members will be contacted by the Division of Faculty Affairs, which will be responsible for providing them with information and updates regarding the SFS process.

  • How will students know that they have the opportunity to participate in the SFS?

The SFS team will communicate directly with every student enrolled in eligible courses (e.g. lectures, labs, seminars, practicums, with five students enrolled or more) via e-mail through Watermark CES. This e-mail contains information about the survey and how to access it. A hyperlink to the survey will also be provided.

  • Is there a central website where students can access all SFS at once?

Yes. Students may see all of their outstanding surveys in Canvas during the survey period. Links to the survey will be available for each course, through a pop-screen screen and under the course evaluations tab.

  • If a student takes more than one course in a term, will that student receive multiple SFS messages?

No. Students will receive only one e-mail message per day with links for all courses and instructions on how to access the survey. A daily reminder will also be sent out with links until the student completes all of his/her surveys.

  • Are professors allowed to encourage students to complete the survey?

Yes, as long as they do not offer individual students extra-credit for participating in the survey. Class incentives are fine. However, methods such as offering students reminders and class time to complete the SFS are strongly encouraged.

  • In case of team-taught courses, will students fill out separate SFS for each instructor?

Yes, provided that you have sent us a list of all team-taught courses with the respective instructors’ names. We will ask for those lists at the beginning of the semester right after the census date.

  • If a student misses the deadline for completing the SFS, can a new survey be issued?

No. All surveys must be completed during the timeframe specified in the invitation e-mail.

  • Will professors be able to connect a student’s survey responses to his/her identity?

No. Students’ responses are confidential. Their responses are not stored with their identifying information.

  • When will professors receive their survey results report?

Each instructor should expect to receive a notification e-mail with the link to their dashboard approximately two weeks after the survey period ends and final grades have been posted on MyMav. The dashboard will serve as an archive of survey results from previous semesters as well.

  • When will the academic departments receive the SFS results for all their faculty members?

All academic departments will receive the link to the SFS results one week after instructors’ reports are made available.