Program Assessment

Program assessment at UTA is referred to as the Unit Effectiveness Process (UEP). The UEP is a comprehensive, ongoing, campus-wide planning and evaluation process conducted through outcomes assessment. Outcomes assessment is a process of gathering and interpreting information to discover if programs and services are meeting intended outcomes. The goal of outcomes assessment is to improve student learning, programs, and services.

UEP Assessment Calendar

2022 DEADLINES   Academic Programs   Administrative Units
2021-2022 UEP Results Reports Due   7/1/22   9/1/22
2022-2023 UEP Plans Due   7/1/22
2021-2022 UEP Improvement Report Due   9/9/22   9/9/22
2023 DEADLINES   Academic Programs   Administrative Units
2022-2023 UEP Results Reports Due   7/3/23   9/1/23
2023-2024 UEP Plans Due   7/3/23   9/1/23
2022-2023 UEP Improvement Reports Due   9/1/23   9/1/23
2024 DEADLINES   Academic Programs   Administrative Units
2023-2024 UEP Results Reports Due   7/3/24   9/2/24
2024-2025 UEP Plans Due   7/3/24   9/2/24
2023-2024 UEP Improvement Reports Due   9/1/24   9/2/24

All UEP Plans and Reports must be reviewed by the appropriate Dean/VP prior to submission to IER. We suggest plans and reports be sent to the respective Dean/VP 4 weeks prior to the IER deadline.

UEP reports are housed in a software product called Nuventive Improve.  Please refer to the Nuventive Improve page for a link to access the software and other support information.

To Request Assistance

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If you need further information or clarification, please contact the IER Office at (817) 272-3365.