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Accounting & Reporting

The Office of Accounting's responsibility is to ensure proper stewardship of the university's financial resources. This is accomplished through our dedicated efforts to provide quality, timely and meaningful financial information and training to our faculty/staff, which allows informed decision making in the pursuit of overall university goals.

SAHARA Approver and Reconciliation Information

Accounting Processes

Departmental monetary transactions are tracked by means of account numbering system at the University of Texas at Arlington (UT Arlington).

  • Reference  Type of Accounts ( Procedure BF-AS-PR6) for a description of account types used at UT Arlington.

  • Reference  Establishing Operation Accounts ( Procedure BF-AS-PR5) for information on how to obtain a new account number, change an existing account number, or close an account number.

Departmental monetary transactions must be reported and reconciled by each department each month during the fiscal year.

  • Reference  Statement of Accounts ( Procedure BF-AS-PR7) for a description of methods used at UT Arlington to reconcile departmental monthly statements.

  • Reference  Year End Accounting ( Procedure BF-AS-PR12) for information on procedures used at the end of the fiscal year. (See Deadlines for Financial Transactions at the end of this website for specific deadlines for various transaction activities at the end of the fiscal year.)

Additional Accounting Procedures

Additional Accounting procedures are available for processes that are unique to specific situations or need expanded delineation of definitions, specific requirements or restrictions.

  • Reference  Expenditure Income Classifications ( Procedure BF-AS-PR8) for a description of expenditure and income codes use in *DEFINE.

  • Reference  Charges to Departmental Services ( Procedure BF-AS-PR9) for information on rules and restrictions for interdepartmental charges.

  • Reference  Endowment Establishment and Management ( Procedure GA-IA-PR1) for information on endowment accounts.

  • Reference  Working Fund ( Procedure BF-AS-PR10) for information on setting up and managing working fund accounts.

  • Reference  Gifts to the University ( Procedure GA-IA-PR2) for information on how to set up and manage gift accounts.

  • Reference  Funds Held in Custody for Others ( Procedure BF-AS-PR11) for information on these types of accounts.

  • Reference  Transfer of Funds ( Procedure BF-AS-PR13) for information on restrictions on these types of transactions.

Procedures for Handling Money

Accounting procedures are available for processes that are unique to the handling of money.

Procedure for Responding to Identity Theft

  • Reference  Identity Theft Prevention, Detection and Mitigation ( Procedure EI-PR2) for requirements in detecting, reporting, and preventing identity theft.

Grant Accounting

Grant and Contract accounts are restricted accounts governed by specific requirements within the grant or contract documentation associated with the individual grant or contract. Contact  Grant Accounting for procedures in maintaining a grant or contract account.

Deadlines for Financial Transactions

Each year the University of Texas at Arlington is required to submit financial reports covering the entire prior fiscal year. Each department at UT Arlington must participate in the report submission processes. A detailed synopsis of all major reports deadlines for the fiscal year may be found at:

This site is updated around the 1st of August of each year with current deadlines.