Our Services

Mav eSHop

MAV eSHOP is an Amazon-like online ordering and requisition generating system that provides an efficient and interactive way for shoppers and end-users to search and initiate requisitions. Check out the MAV eSHOP Resources to learn more about how to use, how it works and the vendors available.

Accounting Services

The Office of Accounting's responsibility is to ensure proper stewardship of the University's financial resources. This is accomplished through our dedicated efforts to provide quality, timely and meaningful financial information and training to our faculty/staff, which allows informed decision making in the pursuit of overall university goals.

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Event Set-Ups, Rentals, Office Moves & Vending

Distribution Services provides event set-up and breakdown assistance, equipment rentals of tables and chairs, office move assistance, and acts as the liaison between the University and third-party companies that supply vending machines on campus. Requests can be submitted by completing a Work Request form.

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Inventory & Asset Transfers

Inventory Services oversees requests for equipment transfers between departments, removing equipment from campus, and reporting lost or missing inventory.

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Package, Freight, and Mail Services

Distribution Services processes all incoming and outgoing USPS mail, packages, and freight for the campus community. Our services include inter- and intra- campus mail, freight and package delivery for departments, and operating the University Center Post Office for faculty, staff, and students to utilize USPS mail and shipping services.

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Payroll Services

Payroll Services supports faculty, staff, students and department administrators regarding all aspects of the payroll processes for employees, payments to nonemployees for professional services, and payments to international persons.

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Purchasing Goods and Services

If you purchase, receive, or pay for goods or services this information will assist you in completing your transactions correctly and efficiently.

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Payment Card Services

A Procard is issued in the name of the purchaser for transaction’s $4000 and under. Learn more about how to use a Procard.

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Travel and Expenses

Learn about how to travel for the university and all travel related news and resources.

Budgets, Planning, and Analysis

The Office of Budgets, Planning, and Analysis (BP&A) assists with long-range planning, current-year forecasting, multi-year financial plans, and carry forward reserve analysis to units and departments. Visit BP&A for more services details.