Accounts Payable, Supplier Management, and 1099 Reporting


PaymentWorks is an online supplier management platform that will provide an efficient and interactive way for departments to bring on new suppliers and for all suppliers to maintain their own information such as address and direct deposit updates.

The tool will interface with UT Share and will enhance vendor onboarding and managing updates while helping to reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase security.

1099 Processing

The Office of Disbursements processes and mails the IRS forms for services provided to the University that total $600 or more throughout the tax year. Mailing of the 1099’s are not required until January 31st by the IRS. Typically, UTA mails them the week before the IRS deadline.

Contact Accounts Payable

If you have questions or did not receive an expected 1099, please reach out to Accounts Payable by clicking the button above.