Travel Process

Travel Instructions

  • Contact your admin/person responsible for booking travel in advance of trip
  • Provide the following information:
    • Date/Time
    • Location of Travel
    • Purpose of Travel
    • Hotel/Car/Airfare Requests
    • Overall Estimate for the Cost of the Trip
  • Admin will process a Travel Authorization and submit for your approval
    • Travel Authorization is only required when an overnight stay, rental car, and/or an airfare ticket is needed.
  • They will book travel information for hotel, car, airfare, etc.
  • Once you are given the confirmation of the travel arrangements, state tax exemption form (in-state travel), and have an approved travel authorization e-mail, you will be ready to travel.
  • Receipts - Keep all original receipts of expenses incurred on trip and provide it to the Admin upon return.

Additional Travel Resources and Related Links

Travelers anticipating situations that might conflict with existing procedures may petition for an exception to existing rules. Exceptions must be requested before travel using the Business Affairs Exception Tracker Request. Exceptions granted do NOT alter existing travel procedures and should not be construed as a precedent for allowing repeated non-compliance.