Package Delivery

Distribution Services is working with FedEx and UPS to ensure proper delivery of packages to campus buildings and departments. Please use one of the following formats to ensure the proper delivery of packages from any carrier to campus addresses.

When ordering, please take into consideration that we cannot hold packages or freight for any amount of time outside of our normal delivery schedule. Warehouse Space is limited and incoming volumes fluctuate daily.

All purchased controlled and capital assets must be delivered to and received by Central Receiving, Wetsel Service Center unless the nature or type of the property requires direct delivery and/or installation in the ordering department.

Deliveries directly to a campus department should include the following information:

  • Department name
  • Recipient name
  • Building address
  • Suite/room number
  • Arlington, TX 76019

Deliveries to Central Receiving, Wetsel Service Center, should include the following information:

The University of Texas at Arlington
Department Name
Recipient Name
Box Number
1225 W. Mitchell St.
Arlington, TX 76019

A deliverable address is an address that is complete. It must include a block number, street name, suite number if applicable, city, state, and ZIP code. Undeliverable addresses are those that are missing any element of the full address, as described above.

Packages with an undeliverable address will be delivered to Central Receiving. Distribution Services staff will deliver those packages to the appropriate department. 


Distribution Services at:


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