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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

College of Science

Academic Programs

Office: Life Science Building, Room 337, 501 S. Nedderman Drive, Box 19498 
Phone: 817-272-2872 
Chair: Dr. Clay Clark

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Office: Chemistry & Physics Building, Room 130, 700 Planetarium Place, Box 19065 
Phone: 817-272-3171 
Chair: Dr. Fred MacDonnell

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Office: Geoscience Building, Room 107, 500 Yates Street, Box 19049 
Phone: 817-272-2987 
Chair: Dr. Arne Winguth

Office: Pickard Hall, Room 478, 411 S. Nedderman Drive, Box 19408 
Phone: 817-272-3261
Chair: Dr. Jianzhong Su

Office: Science Hall, Room 108, 502 Yates Street, Box 19059 
Phone: 817-272-2266 
Chair: Dr. Alexander Weiss

Office: Life Science Building, Room 313, 501 S. Nedderman Drive, Box 19528 
Phone: 817-272-2281 
Chair: Dr. Perry Fuchs