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Photonics at UTA’s Department of Electrical Engineering embodies a wide range of science and engineering topics stemming from solid state physics, theory/modeling of periodic lattices, photonic crystals, metasurfaces, to optical, optoelectronic, optofluidic devices such as lasers, sensors, nonlinear optics, quantum optics, and integrated chips and systems. The research is largely concentrated in the following three application areas: (A) Energy efficient integrated photonics; (B) Information processing and security, and (C) Optical sensing and imaging for biomedical and smart society applications.


Dr. Kambiz Alavi. Physics and applications of heterostructures, nonlinear optics, optical imaging.

Dr. Catrina Coleman. Photonic integration, semiconductor optoelectronic devices, diode lasers, mode-locked lasers

Dr. James Coleman. Semiconductor lasers, integrated photonics, quantum nanostructures, nanomaterials, epitaxial growth, compound semiconductors

Dr. Robert Magnusson. (Nanophotonics Device Group) Nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, nanoplasmonics, nanolasers, optical bio- and chemical sensors.

Dr. Yuze (Alice) Sun. Photonics, optofluidics, microfluidics, optical biosensing and chemical sensing, lab-on-chip systems, nanomaterials, and global health and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Michael Vasilyev. Nonlinear and quantum optics, optical communication systems and devices, nanophotonics.

Dr. Weidong Zhou. (Weidong Zhou's Research Group) Optoelectronic materials and devices, nanophotonics and silicon photonics.


Dr. Diana Huffaker
Professor and Chair

Dr. Jonathan Bredow 
Professor & Associate Chair 

Dr. Sungyong Jung
Associate Professor & Associate Chair

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