Students in Electrical Engineering

Undergraduate Student Advising

General academic advising for new students (excluding transfer course evaluation) is done during the scheduled orientation period prior to registration. International transfer course evaluation may take longer.  Academic advising for continuing students will be done during each semester prior to registration. The dates for advising new and continuing students will be listed in the appropriate schedule of classes. Personal academic advising is available by the Undergraduate Advisor by scheduling an appointment. 


Pauline Mason, Undergraduate Academic Advisor 
503 Nedderman Hall; 817-272-1756; 

Saibun Tjuatja, Ph.D., Undergraduate Faculty Advisor 
504 Nedderman Hall; 817-272-1756; 

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Graduate Student Advising

The Electrical Engineering graduate advising is managed by the Graduate Advisors, Dr. W. Alan Davis and Dr. William E. Dillon, assisted by the Advising Staff. Students seeking consultation should contact the Advising Office (817-272-2671) for more information regarding availability of the Graduate Advisor. Graduate students may also consult the graduate brochure

Master’s Program Advisor

Alan Davis, Ph.D.
501 Nedderman Hall 817-272-2671;
Normal Hours: Tuesday and Thursday

Ph.D. Program Advisor

William E. Dillon, P.E., Ph.D.
506 Nedderman Hall
Normal Hours: Monday and Wednesday

Admission to the Professional Program

Requirements for admission to the professional program in Electrical Engineering are in accordance with those of the College of Engineering with the following added stipulations: 

  • Application to the professional program is to be made to the Undergraduate Advisor during the semester that the advancement requirements are being completed. 
  • No professional electrical engineering courses may be taken until the student is admitted into the professional program or obtains the written consent of the Undergraduate Advisor. 
  • Each student must complete all pre-professional courses stipulated under "Requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering" with a minimum grade of C in each course and a minimum GPA of 2.25 in (1) all courses, (2) in all math, science, and engineering courses, and (3) in all EE courses. 

Graduate Teaching Assistantships 

Outstanding PhD students in the electrical engineering program are eligible to apply for graduate teaching assistantships. In addition to a monthly salary, EE GTAs are entitled to in-state tuition rates. These positions are highly competitive, and the selection process is comprehensive. Only a small percentage of applicants will be appointed. Final appointments will be determined by the needs of the department. Please read the following before submitting your application and follow the directions carefully in order to ensure that your application receives consideration. 

More Information and How to Apply

Scholarships for Electrical Engineering Students

The following scholarships are offered only to Electrical Engineering students at The University of Texas at Arlington.  

Apply for any of the following scholarships at MavScholarShop

N. M. Stelmakh Outstanding Student Research Award

N. M. Stelmakh Outstanding Student Research Award is given annually to an Electrical Engineering student in recognition of excellence in research demonstrated at the University of Texas at Arlington. This Award was endowed in 2011 to honor Dr. N. M. Stelmakh, a faculty member of the UTA’s EE Department from 2003 to 2010, who had made distinguished contributions in the field of short-pulsed semiconductor lasers and had been known for his inspirational teaching and mentoring style.

The Alfred R. and Janet H. Potvin Outstanding Electrical Engineering Student Scholarship Award

The Alfred R. and Janet H. Potvin Outstanding Electrical Engineering Student Scholarship Award was established in March 2007 by a generous gift from Dr. Alfred and Janet Potvin. Dr. Alfred Potvin began his academic career at UT Arlington in 1966. He was the first Director the Biomedical Engineering Program from 1974 to 1984. In 2006, he was inducted into the College of Engineering's Hall of Achievement. Candidate selection: Preference is given to full time electrical engineering students in...

Dr. K. R. Rao Electrical Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Each successful applicant will receive a cash award and an award certificate. To qualify, students must be a graduate student in EE at UTA, have a cumulative GPA at UTA >= 3.5, and must have F-1 Visa Status.

Research in Motion (RIM) Graduate Scholarship

The Research In Motion Scholarship Endowment was established in 2010 to be used to provide scholarships to Electrical Engineering graduate students pursuing studies in the area of Wireless Communications such as Radio Frequency Circuit Design, Real Time Embedded Control Systems, Network Architecture, Electromagnetic and Antenna research, based on academic achievement.

The Bernard and Ann Svihel Memorial Scholarships

This scholarship is for electrical engineering students who are currently enrolled or have been accepted for enrollment in the upcoming semester, who have a history of academic achievement and who have a need for financial assistance.

The Floyd Cash Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is for electrical engineering students who are currently enrolled or have been accepted for enrollment in the upcoming semester, who have a history of academic achievement and who have a demonstrated need for financial assistance.

The John M. Goodwin Memorial Scholarship Award

The John M. Goodwin Memorial Scholarship was established following the death of Professor John M. Goodwin in 1971. Professor Goodwin was a Colonel in the Army Reserves and was at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He served UT Arlington from 1937-1971. This scholarship was established from memorial gifts, primarily from the Goodwin family. The awardee for this scholarship is selected based on service to the Department and the College of Engineering. Membership in the ROTC is also preferable.

The Professor Paul M. Cunningham Endowed Scholarship

Eligibility qualifications for this scholarship include: Undergraduate EE student currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment in the coming semester. Working student Attendance at evening classes Recipient of this scholarship may not receive financial aid or other compensation from UT Arlington, government funding or employer reimbursement for education expenses.

The Ron L. Cates Endowed Scholarship

Ron Cates was the first of his family off the farm in Ellis County and the first to graduate from college. Attending Arlington High School and UTA, he received a BSEE degree in Electrical Engineering in 1975 and was grateful for the educations provided him by the Texas systems. He later received his MBA and after a brilliant career, with this scholarship, passes the torch back to UTA to education the next generation of students to the benefit of themselves, their families, and society as a...

The Jack Fitzer Endowed Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must be currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment in the coming semester, have a history of academic achievement, and be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.


Dr. Diana Huffaker
Professor and Chair

Dr. Johathan Bredow 
Professor & Associate Chair 

Dr. Sungyong Jung
Associate Professor & Associate Chair

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