Equipment Guides for EE Lab

Here you can find user manuals and quick start guides to help you master the test equipment located in the UTA Undergraduate Labs. Before using any test equipment, you should understand the function and operation of each piece of equipment that you use.

Agilent 33120A Signal Generator User Guide

This signal generator can produce frequencies up to 15 MHz with a voltage up to 10V peak-to-peak. It can even produce a cardiac waveform.

Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter User Guide

This industry standard volt-ohm-current meter has 6.5 digit accuracy.

Agilent E3620A Power Supply Quick Video

In this video: Bob Combs shows how to use the Agilent E3620A power supply and how to create positive and negative voltages to run operational amplifiers.

Tektronix MDO-3000 series Quick Start Guide

This oscilloscope has all the bells and whistles! It also has a spectrum analyzer, signal generator, frequency counter, and digital multimeter. This 11 page guide covers everything you need to know.

Tektronix TBS1052B-EDU Oscilloscope Quick Guide

Brand new and shiny. These oscilloscopes are permenatly connected to the work bench, so don't try to move them. Follow this UTA Quick Guide to learn how to use this new peice of test equipment.

Training for Equipment

Please Contact Todd Kelley at to schedule personal training on any of the undergraduate lab equipment.

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