Equipment in the EE Lab

Test Equipment

In addition to the standard lab equipment, the UTA EE lab offers the equipment listed below.

Agilent 4263B LCR Meter


Fluke Handheld MultiPro 510A DMM

Fluke Y8100 AC/DC Current Probe

Up to 200 Amps.

HP 8591E Spectrum Analyzer

Inductor Decade Box

Keysight N9923A Network Analyzers

Levitation Device

Available to GTA's and Instructors only.

NI USRP - Software Defined Radio

Pluto Software Defined Radio

Resistor and Capacitor Decade Boxes

Rhode & Schwarz FSH6

Sencore LC Meter

Tektronix MDO 3102/3052 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope / Spectrum Analyzer

Model 3102 is 1GHz / 5GS/s. Model 3052 is 500MHz / 2.5GS/s

Van De Graaff Generator

Available to GTA's and Instructors only.

Variable Transformer 0-130V a.c. up to 5 amps output

Available to GTA's and Instructors only.

Solder Equipment

W.E.P. 858D Hot Air Reflow Station

Journey Magnifier

Metcal Soldering Station with solder removal gun

Excellent for removing headers.

Solder Paste

Weller Digital Soldering Iron WE1010

Weller Fume Extractor

Weller WES Soldering Station

X-Tronic 4000 Hot Air Reflow Station

Tools and Equipment

Bantam Tools PCB Milling Machine

Maximum board size is 4" x 5". Double sided boards must be though hole plated. See Lab staff before making a double sided PCB.

LPKF Through Hole Copper Plating Machine

PolyPrinter 3D Printer

Prints ABS. See Lab Staff for NinjaFlex Extruder.

Pulse Forge 1300

Table Saw

Radial Saw

Drill Press

Portable Drill

Disk Sander

Dremil Kit

Needle Files

Tool Set

Scroll Saw


LiPo Charger

Brad Nailer

Tap and Die

Heat Gun

Hole Saw Kit

Staple Gun

Elec, Stapler

Air Compressor

Hot Glue Gun

Digital Calipers

Angle Finder

IR Thermometer

Label Maker

RG-58 Tool Box

RG-6 Tool Box

Heat Shrink

Standard Sockets

Screwdriver set

Drill Bit set

Grabber / Magnet

Gap gauge

Inspection Tools


Face Shield




Medical Masks

First Aid Kit

Laser Safety Glasses

Development Boards

Arduino Uno R3

TI MSP-430


PIC Dev. Board


Raspberry Pi 3

Boost CC2564

Boost - Audio

NI MyGrid

Rpi BB Adapter

Rpi Sensor Sheild

PicKit 3

FTDI Cable

TIVA Launchpad

Arduino Nano

Arduino Wifi 1010


Elegoo Sensor Kit

3.7 V Motor


Hall Effect Sensor

LCD Display

LM60 Temp Sensor

NEMA 17 Stepper

PIR Sensor

PIXY 2 Camera

TB6612 Motor Driver

Real Time Clock

Stepper Motor

Ultrasonic Sensor

X-Bee Radio

X-Bee Shield

X-Bee Programmer


TI Sensor Tag

OLED Display

Buzzer (AC)

Buzzer (DC)

5 V Relay

DC to DC converter


Magnetic Swipe


Rotary Encoders

SD Card Reader

Soil Moisture

Solar Panel

Wifi Board

Cables, Connectors and Adapters

Banana to SMD


BNC to Banana

Male DC Adapter

FTDI Cable

1 x 40 Male Headers

Female Headers

Jumper Wires

HDMI to VGA Adapter

JST Connectors

Assorted Terminal Blocks

Components and Misc.

Coin Cell Battery

Heat Sink Compound

Heat sinks

SD Cards

Double sided tape

Super Glue

Sound system

Rent this sound system for your event. UTA departments and clubs only. Please contact the EE Lab for details.

NH241 EE/CSE Makerspace Equipment

Formech 450DT - Form molding

Formlabs 2 - 3D Resin printer

Manncorp RW1210 - SMD Placement machine

Shapeoko - CNC Mill

Thunder Laser - Laser cutting

Tormach PCNC 440

Ultimaker S5 3D Printer

Location and Contacts

Mailing Address: Box 19016, Arlington, TX 76019 
Deliveries: Nedderman Hall, Room 518, 416 Yates St., Arlington, TX 76010 
Phone: 817-272-2671 


Dr. Jonathan Bredow
Professor and Chair

Dr. Sungyong Jung
Associate Professor & Associate Chair

Undergraduate Applicants

Graduate Applicants