Faculty in Electrical Engineering

Kambiz Alavi, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Kambiz Alavi,

Kambiz Alavi Faculty Profile
alavi@uta.edu | 817-272-5633
Nanotechnology and MEMS , Optical Device and Systems

Jonathan Bredow, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Jonathan Bredow,

Jonathan Bredow Faculty Profile
jbredow@uta.edu | 817-272-3472
Electromagnetic Fields and Applications, Telecommunication & Information Systems

Zeynep Celik-Butler, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Zeynep Çelik-Butler, IEEE Fellow,

Zeynep Çelik-Butler Faculty Profile
zbutler@uta.edu | 817-272-1309
Nanotechnology and MEMS, VLSI and Semiconductors

Catrina Coleman, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Catrina Coleman,

Faculty Profile catrina.coleman@uta.edu
Photonics, III-V semiconductor photonic devices and photonic integration

James Coleman, Ph.D., NAE, Electrical Engineering

Dr. James Coleman, Member, National Academy of Engineering,
Presidential Distinguished Professor

Photonics, optoelectronic devices and integration, metal organic chemical vapor deposition

Dr. Purnendu (Sandy) Dasgupta

Dr. Purnendu (Sandy) Dasgupta,
Adjunct Faculty (Affiliated)

Jenkins Garrett Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hamish Small Chair in Ion Analysis

Purnendu Dasgupta Faculty Profile
dasgupta@uta.edu | 817-272-3806

Alan Davis, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. W. Alan Davis,
Associate Professor, Master's Program Advisor

Alan Davis Faculty Profile
adavis@uta.edu | 817-272-3495
High Frequency Microelectronics Devices & Circuits , VLSI and Semiconductors

Ali Davoudi, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Ali Davoudi,
Associate Professor

Ali Davoudi Faculty Profile
davoudi@uta.edu | 817-272-1374
Power Electronics and Machine Drives, Renewable Energy Systems, Vehicular Systems, Micro-grids

Venkat Devarajan, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Venkat Devarajan,

Venkat Devarajan Faculty Profile
venkat@uta.edu | 817-272-3934
Digital Signal and Image Processing

Dr. William E. Dillon

Dr. William E. Dillon, P.E.,
Associate Professor, Retired & Phd Program Advisor

William E. Dillon Faculty Profile
dillon@uta.edu | 817-272-5720
Digital and Microprocessor/Controller Systems, Power Systems and Industrial Power Electronics

Dr. R. Stephen Gibbs

Dr. R. Stephen Gibbs,
Senior Lecturer & Director of Engineering Online

Stephen Gibbs Faculty Profile
sgibbs@uta.edu | 817-272-7058
Wireless communications, Remote Sensing, Engineering Education

Dr. Diana Huffaker, Ph.D., Department of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Diana Huffaker,
Professor and Department Chair

diana.huffaker@uta.edu | 817-272-3934
Compound Semiconductors, Optical Devices, Epitaxy, Optoelectronics, Surface plasmon, Quantum dot, Nanostructure

Sungyong Jung, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Sungyong Jung,
Associate Professor & Associate Chair

Sungyong Jung Faculty Profile
jung@uta.edu | 817-272-1338
High Frequency Microelectronics Devices & Circuits , VLSI and Semiconductors

Dr. Rasool Kenarangui

Dr. Rasool Kenarangui, P.E.,
Senior Lecturer

Rasool Kenarangui Faculty Profile
kenarang@uta.edu | 817-272-3423
Power Systems And Industrial Power Electronics

Dr. Dukhyun Kim

Dr. Dukhyun Kim,
Senior Lecturer

Dukhyun Kim Faculty Profile
| 817-272-3472
Telecommunication & Information Systems, Signal Processing, Digital Circuits and Systems

George Kondraske, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. George V. Kondraske, IEEE Fellow,

George V. Kondraske Faculty Profile
kondraske@uta.edu | 817-272-3473
Digital And Microprocessor/controller Systems Systems, Controls And Automated Manufacturing

Wei-Jen Lee, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Wei-Jen Lee, IEEE Fellow,

Wei-Jen Lee Faculty Profile
wlee@uta.edu | 817-272-5046
Digital And Microprocessor/controller Systems, Power Systems And Industrial Power Electronics

Frank Lewis, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Frank L. Lewis, P.E., IEEE Fellow, Fellow InstMC,

Frank L. Lewis Faculty Profile
lewis@uta.edu | 817-272-5972
Feedback control and automation, Cooperative decisions and game theory, Robotics, Nonlinear and adaptive control

Qilian Liang, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Qilian Liang, IEEE Fellow,

Qilian Liang Faculty Profile
liang@uta.edu | 817-272-1339
Telecommunication & Information Systems, Systems, Controls and Automated Manufacturing , Digital Signal And Image Processing

Robert Magnusson, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Robert Magnusson, IEEE Fellow,
Texas Instruments Distinguished University Chair in Nanoelectronics , Professor of Electrical Engineering

Robert Magnusson Faculty Profile
magnusson@uta.edu | 817-272-2552
Nanophotonics Device Group

Ramtin Madani, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Ramtin Madani,
Assistant Professor

Ramtin Madani Faculty Profile
ramtin.madani@uta.edu | 817-272-3483
Power Systems, Smart Grids, Optimal Control, Nonlinear Optimization

Michael Manry, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Michael T. Manry,

Michael ManryFaculty Profile
manry@uta.edu | 817-272-3483
Digital Signal And Image Processing, Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition

Dr. Lalit K. Mestha

Dr. Lalit K. Mestha, IEEE Fellow,
Adjunct Faculty (Affiliated)

lkmestha@gmail.com | 585-370-7113
Controls & CPS security, biomedical signal processing, hyperspectral image analysis, deep learning and optical sensing

Chenyun Pan, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Chenyun Pan,
Assistant Professor

Chenyun Pan Faculty Profile
chenyun.pan@uta.edu | 817-272-3934
Beyond-CMOS Nanoelectronic Devices and Interconnects Exploration, Neuromorphic Circuit Design for Deep Learning Applications, Nonvolatile Memory Design, VLSI System Design, Hardware Security

KR Rao, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Kamisetty R. Rao, IEEE Fellow,

Kamisetty R. Rao Faculty Profile
rao@uta.edu | 817-272-3478
Digital Signal And Image Processing

Dr. Howard Russell

Dr. Howard Russell,
Senior Lecturer

High Frequency Microelectronics Devices & Circuits , VLSI and Semiconductors

Ioannis Schizas, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Ioannis D. Schizas,
Associate Professor

Ioannis D. Schizas Faculty Profile
schizas@uta.edu | 817-272-3467
Statistical Signal processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Data Dimensionality Reduction

Yuze "Alice" Sun, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Yuze (Alice) Sun,
Associate Professor

Yuze (Alice) Sun Faculty Profile

yuzesun@uta.edu | 817-272-1317
Optofluidic biomedical and chemical sensing; Microfluidics and point-of-care devices; Bio-inspired photonic devices and systems.

Saibun Tjuatja, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Saibun Tjuatja,
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Faculty Advisor

Saibun Tjuatja Faculty Profile
tjuatja@uta.edu | 817-272-3974
Electromagnetic Fields and Applications , Telecommunication & Information Systems

Dr. Gregory Turner

Dr. Gregory Turner,
Senior Lecturer

Gregory Turner Faculty Profile
gkturner@uta.edu | 817-272-3934
Embedded Control Systems for Renewable Energy & Microgrid Applications

Michael Vasilyev, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Michael Vasilyev,

Michael Vasilyev Faculty Profile
vasilyev@uta.edu | 817-272-1224
Nonlinear and quantum optics, optical communication systems and devices, nanophotonics.

Yan Wan, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Yan Wan,
Associate Professor

Yan Wan Faculty Profile
yan.wan@uta.edu | 817-272-6838
Decentralized control, cyber-physical systems, large-scale dynamical networks, stochastic network modeling and analysis, airborne networking, air traffic flow management, sensor networking, systems biology

David Wetz, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. David A. Wetz,

David A. Wetz Faculty Profile
wetz@uta.edu | 817-272-1058
Pulsed Power, High Voltage Engineering, Power Electronics, Power Systems

Weidong Zhou, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dr. Weidong Zhou,

Weidong Zhou Faculty Profile
wzhou@uta.edu | 817-272-1227
Optoelectronic materials and devices; microcavity Photonic crystal based semiconductor lasers and detectors; OEIC, Nanophotonics based system on a chip.


Dr. Diana Huffaker
Professor and Chair

Dr. Johathan Bredow 
Professor & Associate Chair 

Dr. Sungyong Jung
Associate Professor & Associate Chair

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