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Graduate Student Frequently Asked Questions




I am interested in the MS/PhD program – what do I do and who can I talk to?

Please use the following link:
If you need further information, contact the MS advisor, Dr. Ioannis Schizas – or Ms. Janice Moore –  For PhD questions, please contact the PhD advisor, Dr. William Dillon – or Mr. Arun Nair –

I have questions about my application decision/status – who do I talk to?

First, check your ‘To Do’ list in MyMav.  If you have further questions and have applied for the Masters program in Electrical Engineering, please contact Dr. Ioannis Schizas –  For questions about your PhD application status or decision, please contact Dr. William Dillon –


Where should I send letters of recommendation?

No letters of recommendation are required for the MS program in Electrical Engineering. For the PhD program, please send letters of recommendation to Mr. Arun Nair -



How do I apply for graduation?

You may apply for graduation by logging in to, selecting the Academic Progress tile and following the instructions.


I missed the deadline to apply for graduation – what do I do?

Please contact your graduate advisor to discuss your situation.  In addition, you will need to complete the form entitled, ‘Request for a Graduation Deadline Exception’ which can be found on the EE webpage. 


I am ready to graduate but my academic progress still shows pending – what do I do?

You may discuss your situation with your EE graduate advisor:  Dr. Ioannis Schizas – for MS or Dr. William Dillon – for PhD


Advising Questions:

I need a skills verification letter – who can help me with that?

If you graduated from UTA Electrical Engineering with an MS degree, please contact the EE MS advisor, Dr. Ioannis Schizas –   If you need skills verification for your PhD, you may contact Dr. William Dillon –


How do I get an advising hold removed?

Please contact the EE Advising Office to request removal of a Department advising hold.  Either Ms. Janice Moore – or Mr. Arun Nair – can help with that.


How can I make an appointment with an advisor?

You may use the following link to make an appointment with a graduate advisor:


What is the deadline for internship report submission – how long does the report need to be?

Your internship report must be received by the MS advisor, Dr. Ioannis Schizas by the last day of classes for the semester.  Your report may be up to 3 pages in length describing your duties and what you have gained from your experience.  No specific format is required. 


How do I submit a petition?

Please use the following link to access the form to submit a petition:


How do I apply for the diagnostic exam and what is the date?

The diagnostic exam will be held during the second half of each long semester and an application form will be sent out to all graduate students by Mr. Arun Nair.


How do I apply for the comprehensive exam?

You will need to fill out the following form with appropriate signatures to request a comprehensive examination date.

Comprehensive Exam Form


How do I apply for the dissertation defense?

You will need to fill out the following form with appropriate signatures to request a dissertation defense date.

Dissertation Defense Form


When is orientation?

EE graduate orientation will take place the week before the first day of classes. The exact date will be posted here and emailed to all students.


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