Faculty Research

Sensors and Internet of things

The Sensors and IoT Technical Area performs research in sensors and sensor systems, sensor networks, internet of things, 5G/6G wireless communications and wireless networking, radar and radar sensor networks, remote sensing, nanoelectronic devices. 


Dr. Zeynep Çelik-Butler. Nanoengineering, noise in nano-scale devices, nano-sensors, energy harvesters.

Dr. Robert Magnusson. (Nanophotonics Device Group) Nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, nanoplasmonics, nanolasers, optical bio- and chemical sensors.

Dr. Chenyun Pan. Beyond-CMOS Nanoelectronic devices and interconnects exploration, neuromorphic circuit design for deep learning applications, nonvolatile memory design, VLSI system design, hardware security.

Dr. Yuze (Alice) Sun. Photonics, optofluidics, microfluidics, optical biosensing and chemical sensing, lab-on-chip systems, nanomaterials, and global health and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Jonathan Bredow. Remote sensing, radar, microwave circuits, antennas, electromagnetics.

Dr. Qilian Liang. Sensor networks, wireless networks, wireless communications, signal processing for communications, fuzzy logic systems and applications, collaborative and distributed signal processing.

Dr. Ioannis D. Schizas. Machine learning, statistical signal processing, data analytics, optimization.

Dr. Saibun Tjuatja. Active and passive microwave remote sensing, tomographic radar imaging, through-clutter target sensing and imaging.



Dr. Diana Huffaker
Professor and Chair

Dr. Jonathan Bredow 
Professor & Associate Chair 

Dr. Sungyong Jung
Associate Professor & Associate Chair

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