A consistent identity for UTA is also important online.

Graphic/Design Standards

An approved UTA logo must be included at the top of ALL institutional web pages: 

  • Any University department or unit web page.
  • Web pages for research laboratories and projects.
  • Sites sponsored by UTA including journals and conference sites should include a University logo.

The logo may be used with the wordmark (institutional signature) or by itself. If the logo is used alone, the words "The University of Texas at Arlington" must appear in the top of the page.

The UTA logo must link to the University's home page, www.uta.edu; the unit's name in the banner should link to the unit's home page.

The appropriate university logo/signature must be presented in a visible, undistorted manner whenever it appears on the web. The logo must be used in one of the approved colors and should have the appropriate clear space surrounding it. Secondary logos are not permitted unless they have been approved. The stroked signatures are recommended for web use.

The University seal MAY NOT be used on websites.

When a project, event, or conference is co-sponsored by additional entities, additional sponsor logos can be included.

HTML/XHTML/CSS Validation Standards

Web pages should pass a W3C HTML/XHTML validation.

Accessibility Standards

Web pages must comply with UTA’s Accessibility policies.

Security Standards

ANY page that collects "sensitive information" must use SSL (https://) to encrypt the data. The page must include a link to the privacy statement www.uta.edu/privacy. Do not duplicate the Privacy page content on other websites. Sensitive information includes an individual’s name, other personal information, transaction payment information, an individual’s access identification code, and password.

Content Standards

All institutional departmental/unit web pages must include this basic contact information in the footer: department email address and main office telephone number; This contact must be able to respond to inquiries about the page/site in a timely manner, i.e., two business days or less.

A “Contact” link can go to a page with the department email and postal addresses, physical location, telephone number, names of key contact individuals, and their phone numbers and email addresses. Additionally, a web form can be used for contacting the department. However, the other means of communication must also be in place.

All web content should contain a copyright notice: © [year] The University of Texas at Arlington (linked to the University home page).

Provide a date on pages as appropriate–date modified, effective date, or expiration date for content, etc.

UTA Web Standards

All institutional webpages must adhere to requirements within the UTA Web Standards Policy and Web Standards Procedure.

State of Texas WebSite Standards and Requirements

Title 1, Part 10, Chapter 206 Texas Administrative Code: State Websites
Texas Department of Information Resources: State Website Linking and Privacy Policy 
UT System: Guidelines for Website Solicitations