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Advisor In-Person Training Spring 2017
     The Gray Areas of Graduation Feb. 28, 12-1pm
     GMAP Workshop Apr. 13, 12-1pm
MyMav Training
Advising Resources

Grad Advisor In-Person Training Spring 2017

The Gray Areas of Graduation: Applying Graduation Rules and Regulations to Real Life Situations.

In this session we will discuss what and who is involved with all things graduation as well as some of the gray areas between rule and suggestion. This workshop is presented by Ginger Dickens, from the Office of Records and Registration. A light lunch will be served for registered participants. 

This event has already occurred. 

GMAP Workshop

Tammy Shoemaker, Assistant Registrar from the Office of Records and Registration, will present how to run the GMAP, how to interpret the GMAP and how to do substitutions on the GMAP.  She will also discuss how to update GMAP information. A light lunch will be served for registered participants. 


DS-PRO (the Doctoral Student Progress Report Online) is an online tool that allows doctoral students and professors at UT Arlington to collaboratively set goals, then monitor and report on their progress toward those goals. Users of DS-PRO create a concrete, permanent record of expectations and intentions, providing a kind of roadmap that guides a student along the path leading toward a degree. While DS-PRO is an online “advisement” system, in-person interaction between students and advisors may be of considerable help in completing DS-PRO tasks in a matter satisfactory to both. The system is not intended to be a substitute for face-to-face interaction or to reduce the importance or necessity of ongoing dialog. At a minimum, the contents of DS-PRO may encourage, inform and permanently record key elements of these discussions. Please see the DS-PRO Overview (PDF) for more information.

Start using DS-PRO

MyMav Training

As an advisor, you will most likely need to use MyMav, the University’s student information system. All the pertinent information about a student, including demographic data, registration, grades, financial aid, tuition and fees, and degree plan requirements is housed in MyMav. (The MyMav Tutorials for Faculty page provides guidance for new users.)

You will need to get access to areas not necessarily needed by other faculty members. To get access to the areas of MyMav necessary for advisors, your Department Chair should contact the OIT Help Desk on your behalf to request access to the screens necessary for advising. Also, make sure to attend GMAP training.

Advising Resources

Other resources for advisors include the following: