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Wellness at UTA

Wellness Committee

UT Arlington Wellness Committee's Facebook Page!

Blazing Race 20142014!

Join the Wellness Committee and your fellow Mavericks, Wednesday May 14, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. for our 2014 Blazing Race Event! The theme this year is “Maverick Spirit Run.” So show your Maverick Spirit for a chance at some prizes! Vendors will be onsite! The Blazing Race is held as part of the UT System Physical Challenge. Please see the instructions on how to register for this challenge.

Congratulations to all who walked/ran for 159 miles!!!

Low Impact  (Time)

  1. Walkie Talkies (20:14)
  2. Novel Ideas (20:50)
  3. Universal Studies (21:26)
  4. Humanikins (25:28)
  5. Team Supreme (29:44)
  6. Ready, Willing & Able (30:52)
  7. Scrambled Legs (32:48)
  8. Financial Aid Office (33:30)
  9. Super SUPA (35:57)
  10. Orange Crush (37:36)
  11. Burn It (40:00)
  12. Drop it Like Its Hot (41:51)
  13. Late Risers (45:36)
  14. Cruisin for Losin’ (47:15)
  15. Jessica Hance (51:37)

High Impact (Time)

  1. Team Engineer (31:10)
  2. TRIO RocksJ (33:11)
  3. DED Team #2 (34:43)
  4. SUPASTARS (35:27)
  5. DED Team #3 (37:08)
  6. DED Team #1 (38:59)
  7. DED Team #4 (43:44)
  8. Women Warriors (43:58)
  9. Supersonic Sugar Mamas (45:48)
  10. Melissa Cooper’s Team (49:32)
  11. Nursing Warriors (52:23)
  12. Team Standlee (53:51)


Living Well Health Platform powered by Provant!

There is nothing more important than your health and well-being, especially when it comes to meeting your work and personal goals. Wellness is so important that we are launching a new platform to help you take an active role in the quality of your life and offering you a reward for taking charge.  The Office of Employee Benefits has teamed up with Provant Health Solutions, an independent health and wellness company, to provide the new health platform to UT SELECT Medical plan members. 
Getting started is easy.

The health assessment is a 15-minute, confidential survey that asks questions about your current health, diet, fitness, safety and lifestyle. If you have questions about creating an account, email or call at 1-877-239-3557.

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