Helping Students Be Successful Using Today's Technologies!

The Language Acquisition Center (LAC) is dedicated to helping students succeed as they seek to master languages other than their own. This newly remodeled multipurpose computer lab serves the entire UTA community with two main rooms, an extensive catalogue of resources, and a drive to reach out to the community.

Our main computer room in Trimble Hall 307 contains 36 iMac computers and 1 instructor iMac, a projector, and whiteboard. The desks are arranged for the classroom but are also separate booths with sound barriers so that students can more clearly record assignments and tests as part of their language coursework.

Finally, the LAC has an extensive collection of analog and digital media, as well as course-related software and self-study software. These materials can be checked out with a UTA ID but can only be removed from the LAC by faculty members. In addition to these materials, the LAC has all of the equipment students and faculty members will need to study the materials. The full catalogue of our learning materials and resources may be found at http://LACLibrary.UTA.edu.

For more information about the LAC, to schedule an event, to request additional software or materials, or to provide any feedback, please contact MODLITSupport.

LAC Hours for the Fall and Spring are 8:00am-5:00pm.



Campus printing is on a pay-as-you-go basis. MavMoney is used as payment for printing. Students, faculty, and staff will be able to buy printing for a low per-page cost. For more information about how MavMoney works please visit their website.

Pharos Printing (Pay-As-You-Go) is designed to provide students with an easy method to obtain printouts as required for their academic pursuits while still maintaining good conservation of printing supplies.

Printing has been priced to cover the cost of printing supplies (Paper, Toner, Ink), printer repair and regular equipment replacement. The cost of labor is NOT included.

Additional Printing Information

Helpful Tips

  • You are not charged for your print jobs until you swipe your Mav Express card and click
    Print to release the print jobs to the printers. If you do not release your print jobs, the jobs will be deleted automatically after two hours without any charges occurring to your account.
  • Duplex printing, or printing on both sides of a page, is an available option.
  • Instead of printing a hard copy, files can be saved your J-drive. J-drive can be accessed both on-campus and off-campus. In addition to J-drive, you can also save files to removable media. For example, a CD-RW disc and/or thumb/jump drive. All of the Library and OIT public PCs have both CD-RW drives and USB ports that support flash drives (a.k.a. jump or thumb drives).


The LAC is available to all student groups, faculty, and staff at the University of Texas at Arlington for reservation; however, we ask that all events follow the guidelines listed below.

Reservation Procedures

  • Check the LAC calendar to see what dates and times are available prior to emailing a reservation request.
    • Please note that Open Events such as Tutoring Events can be scheduled at the same time, and different tables will be assigned.
  • To reserve space in the LAC for events, please have an organization’s student officer, faculty advisor, committee chair, or other authorized individual email MODLitsupport@uta.edu and include the following information:
    1. Main Contact Name – Must be able to answer any follow up questions
    2. Organization or Group Name
    3. Room Requested  LAC Lab 307 or LAC Lounge 303
    4. Whether the event is public – other students and events allowed (doors open), or private – no outside students (doors shut)
    5. Brief Description of Event
    6. Equipment the LAC will be expected to provide, i.e. Movie to be shown, loaner laptop required
    7. Dates and Times
    8. Special Requests or Needs
  • You will receive an emailed response which confirms your reservation, in some cases this email will have important additional questions. You may also be asked to consider alternative dates and times depending on the availability of the space and staff.
  • Schedule an individual to arrive early to the event to finalize setup and direct people who may arrive early to the event. We recommend at least 5-10 minutes prior to nontechnical events. For specialized technology events, we recommend an arrival of 30 minutes to an hour prior, with equipment in hand for testing.
  • Staffing is highly dependent on student availability; please request event space at least one month in advance to ensure staffing is available.
  • In the event of cancellation, please contact MODLitsupport@uta.edu no later than one week before planned event. For emergency cancellation, please contact MODLitsupport@uta.edu as soon as possible to notify staff.

Additional Reservation Guidelines

  • Staffing arrangements that accommodate after-hours events affect staffing during the LAC’s open-hours. No-calls and no-shows events affect the workers, students, and operations of the LAC and could jeopardize the acceptance of future reservations.
  • Open events are welcome and frequent in the LAC lounge; however, we must ask that your event be respectful of the other individuals using the space to study and learn during your event. The following activities are not permitted in open events:
    • Music
    • Physical Games that cannot be played at a table
    • TV Usage
    • Food

    Please note that this list is not complete, but we are more than happy to work with you to schedule private time for your event.

  • Reservations that involve food must take place in the LAC Lounge Room 303; food is not permitted in the computer lab.
  • The LAC reserves the right to cancel reservations or reject future reservations should there be problems that occur during event activities. Before events are canceled or rejected, a meeting will be schedule with the proper faculty and group members to try to resolve issues.