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The Department of Modern Languages at the University of Texas at Arlington is a community of engaged faculty, passionate students, and dedicated staff.

The University of Texas at Arlington’s Department of Modern Languages plays a pivotal role in advancing the university’s mission of community impact and academic excellence. Offering an exciting array of programs in eight languages, our department contributes significantly to UTA’s objectives. Our award-winning faculty and staff ensure student success through high-impact practices, research, and scholarship. We foster collaborations with communities, lead in creativity and innovation, and enhance the visibility and impact of the university via global engagement. In short, we contribute to UTA’s Strategic Plan 2030: Shared Dreams, Bright Future, by enriching the cultural and linguistic landscape of our campus and beyond.

Our world-class academic and career-focused offerings include the biennial Cultural Constructions conference and the annual Career Fair, as well as a variety of cultural events each year featuring both national and international speakers.

Graduates from Modern Languages excel at career opportunities in the language services industry, education, the media, business, government, health, legal, and social services, as well as the cultural heritage sector.

Modern Languages also offers scholarship opportunities to students. In addition, the Charles T. McDowell Center for Global Studies provides significant funding to study and conduct research internationally.


Our mission is to transform lives through language and culture by providing high-impact experiences to our students, our community, and our partners.


We envision a nation in which every American benefits from language learning and intercultural understanding, and every community recognizes the value of other languages and cultures.

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Our Spanish Writing and Translation Community Center (SWTCC) provides support to students who seek assistance on their writing assignments for their Spanish courses.

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