Faculty Activities & Awards

Our world-class faculty has a number of research and teaching interests ranging from medieval literature to the future of machine translation. Our faculty members are engaged in groundbreaking discoveries across the areas of linguistics, literature, artificial intelligence, global affairs, language pedagogy, and more. We cover various areas:

  • Community translation
  • Medical humanities
  • Linguistic approaches to indigenous languages
  • Global literatures
  • Comics and graphic novels
  • Language and cultural pedagogy
  • History of the Spanish language in the U.S.
  • Creative writing

Modern Languages’ renowned faculty has received accolades for their top-notch innovative research, creative activities, and teaching. We are home to three members of the UTA Academy of Distinguished Teachers, four recipients of university-wide awards for teaching (President’s Award, Provost’s Award, and Ward Endowment Award), and one Distinguished Record of Research/Creative Activity Award; three UT System Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Awards; and two International Literary Prizes.

Funded Grants

Kania, Sonia (PI), and Grace Brannon (CoPI), “Revising the Certificate in Medical Humanities,” sponsored by National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), Total Amount: $34,999 (2021).

Choi, Jinny, Sonia Kania, and Fernando Melero-García, “Crossing Latinidades: Spanish as a Heritage Language Curriculum,” mini-grant sponsored by Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Total Amount: $2,000 (2020).

Choi, Jinny, A. Raymond Elliott, and Sonia Kania, “Open-access textbook for SPAN 3316: Spanish Language Study,” UTA Cares Grant Program, sponsored by UTA Library, Total Amount: $10,000 (2020).

Austin, Amy, Jinny Choi, and Ignacio Ruiz-Pérez, “Open-access textbook for SPAN 3315: Spanish Composition,” UTA Cares Grant Program, sponsored by UTA Library, Total Amount: $8,000 (2020).

Price, Iya (PI), “STARTALK teaching grant for the summer school for teachers of critical languages (Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Russian) and Spanish,” sponsored by National Security Agency (NSA), Total Amount: $77,074 (2021). 

Price, Iya (PI), “STARTALK teaching grant for the critical languages (Russian, Arabic) summer school,” sponsored by National Security Agency (NSA), Total Amount: $89,980 (2020).

Price, Iya (PI), “STARTALK teaching grant for the critical languages (Russian) summer school,” sponsored by National Security Agency (NSA), Total Amount: $79,193 (2019).

Faculty Research and Creative Activities, 2020-2021

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Elliott, A. R. “A Method Comparison Analysis Examining the Relationship between Linguistic Tone, Melodic Tune and Sung Performances of Children’s Songs in Chicahuaxtla Triqui: Findings and Implications for Documentary Linguistics and Indigenous Language Communities.” Language Documentation and Conservation, vol. 14, 2020, pp. 139–187.

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