Spanish Writing and Translation Community Center


The SWTCC provides professional Spanish writing, editing, proofreading, translation, and interpreting services to the UTA community, to external clients, as well as non-profits and community members.


The Spanish language services provided by the SWTCC help clients and community members to eliminate language barriers, communicate effectively and professionally in Spanish, enhance intercultural communication and competence, and increase diversity awareness. Additionally, working for the SWTCC is an extraordinary opportunity for students seeking to develop their professional experience before graduation and make a positive impact in our community. 




The SWTCC takes its starting point from the Spanish Writing Center (SWC), which was the first center of its nature in Texas. Established in 2015, the SWC was a program designed to assist students in editing and refining various texts they produced for their Spanish courses. Since its inception, over 31 interns have provided tutoring services and workshops on grammar and composition to the UTA student community. Interns have also been instrumental in creating brochures and other promotional materials for events sponsored and/or organized by the SWC, including the Creation and Migration Speaker Series, which hosts renowned Latinx writers as speakers. The SWC offers tutoring services to about 282 students currently enrolled in Spanish programs. Interns also organize informative sessions to advertise SWC services and activities. Furthermore, they actively contribute to the creation and editing of content for the online student magazine Cuaderna Vía. Interns have also engaged in collaborative research through the creation of the OER handbook Manual de Redacción, currently available at the UTA Library repository at no cost to students.


Since 2011, students in the Spanish Community Translation and Interpreting program have been actively engaged in service-learning and internships providing the DFW community with over 6,000 service-learning hours. Notably, they collaborate with Proyecto Inmigrante, a non-profit organization for immigration counselling services (translating more than 3,500 documents with an estimated value of $300,000 to $500,000). Additionally, they have collaborated with Stories to our Children, a program led by the Arlington Public Library that promotes literacy and storytelling among Latino families. The Spanish Community Translation and Interpreting Program collaborates with over 35 community partners and UTA departments and units. 


The Spanish Community Translation and Interpreting Program was recognized with the 2023 Example of Excelencia at the baccalaureate level for its use of intentional, culturally relevant, evidence-based practices tailored to Latino students and their communities.

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We are dedicated to promoting professional and high-quality Spanish language services to our immediate community. Our services include but are not limited to: 

  • UTA Services
    The SWTCC will provide the translation into Spanish of UTA institutional material (regulatory texts, website content, marketing texts, university’s communications, IRB protocols, research surveys, etc.) and interpreting services into both English and Spanish for events (commencement, parents & family weekend, welcome events, etc.). The SWTCC also offers writing, proofreading, and editing services in Spanish to the UTA community.

  • Community and pro-bono services
    The SWTCC provides translation and interpreting, as well as writing and editing services to non-profit organizations in the DFW area in the fields already mentioned. It also offers creative writing workshops and writing coaching in collaboration with community partners. 

  • Client Services
    The SWTCC provides Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translation, interpreting, and editing services for the DFW community members at reduced market rates. The SWTCC will assist private businesses and clients in translating general, legal, business, technical, scientific and medical documents, as well as promotional literature and audiovisual content. Our editors will meticulously review all aspects of Spanish grammar, syntax, register, style, etc., and perform different editing tasks, including formatting, proofreading, and copyediting. 
The SWTCC is coordinated by faculty experts in Spanish creative writing, editing and Spanish translation and interpreting. We provide a unique educational experience for Spanish undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in Spanish language services and high-quality Spanish language services to our community at no cost or reduced market rates.
The SWTCC promotes language access and cultural competency, student participation in experiential learning, collaborations across campus, and serving the community while contributing to UTA’s reputation as a Hispanic Serving Institution.  Additionally, the SWTCC actively contributes to the promotion of Spanish language and culture events including presentations and workshops by writers and scholars. 
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Department of Modern Languages
230 Hammond Hall, Box 19557
701 Planetarium Place
Arlington, Texas 76019
Area of Writing, Editing, and Publishing
Ignacio Ruiz-Pérez: Prof. of Spanish, international award-winning poet
Natalia Trigo-Acuña: Assistant Prof. of Spanish, award-winning novelist

Area of Translation and Interpreting
Alicia Rueda-Acedo: Associate Prof. of Spanish, Sworn Translator and Interpreter
Mónica de la Fuente Iglesias: Assistant Prof. of Spanish, Sworn Translator and Interpreter
Vicente Iranzo Bañuls: Assistant Prof. of Spanish, Sworn Translator and Interpreter
  • Dr. Erin Carlson-Public Health
  • Dr. Esther Betran-Biology
  • Dr. Elsa Camargo-Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Ms. Jacqueline Domínguez-Master Licensed Court Interpreter/Certified Healthcare Interpreter, Metroplex Translators Association President (UTA alumna)
  • Dr. Raúl Fernández-Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Mr. Douglas Interiano-Proyecto Inmigrante, CEO and Founder (UTA alumnus).
  • Dr. Fernando Jaramillo-Marketing
  • Dr. Regina Praetorius-Social Work
  • Dr. Vinicio Sinta-Communication
  • Dr. Christian Zlolniski-Antrophology