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Frequently Asked Questions

am i eligible for services?

Currently enrolled UTA undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for services. Distance education/online students who do not attend on-campus classes are not eligible to use UTA Health Services.

How Do I make an appointment?

An appointment can be made by calling or stopping by our office locations during business hours.

what if i'm in a crisis?

A walk-in counselor is available each day during regular hours to handle crisis concerns on a first-come, first-served basis. MAVS Talk Crisis Line is also available 24 hours a day: 817-272-8255.

how long are appointments ?

Appointment length varies depending upon the type of session and your needs. Generally, first time appointments/initial consultations are 1.5 hours and individual sessions following are 45-50 minutes.

how long does it take to get an appointment?

Depending on your availability, CAPS makes every effort to schedule first-time appointments for students within 2-3 weeks. However, it is common starting mid-semester to experience longer wait times and possibly be placed on a waitlist towards the end of the semester. We encourage you to seek help early in the semester, if possible. If you are experiencing a crisis, walk-in sessions are available.

what can i do in the meantime before my scheduled appointment or if i am placed on a waitlist?

We encourage you to sign up and begin using TAO (Therapy Assistance Online) before your first appointment and in between sessions to support your goals. You can also attend workshops and meditations, review mental health resources, and consider additional UTA resources and Community That Cares departments for support.

how much money does it cost to use caps?

Students are eligible for 6 free individual counseling sessions each semester. Group counseling and workshops are free. Psychiatry services are $30 for the initial assessment and $15 per follow up appointment. For other questions, please review our fee information.

will i be put on medication?

The decision to take medication is always your choice, and we cannot "put" you on medications. When considered appropriate for your mental health concerns and goals, CAPS providers may encourage students to meet with a psychiatry provider (medical providers who can prescribe medications) to discuss the possibility of medications. Psychiatry services are available in the Health Center and in the outside community.

is my information confidential ?

Counseling may involve sharing sensitive, personal and private information. Recognizing this, applicable laws require that all interactions with CAPS, including the content of your sessions, your records, scheduling of or attendance at appointments, and progress in counseling to remain confidential except in very limited exceptions.

how do i find counseling or psychiatry outside uta?

If you have insurance coverage and have your card, you can call the phone number on the back for referrals in your area. If you do not have insurance you can search for sliding scale fee options. You can find referrals through Psychology Today, American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Counseling Association, Good Therapy and JPS.

are there Services you don't provide?

  • Emotional Support Animal evaluations and/or documentation
  • Court mandated assessments and/or therapy

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