Frequently Asked Questions

For each meeting you must: Be physically located in Texas unless in crisis, have necessary technology and reliable internet access, and have a private space to protect your confidentiality. Use of headphones with a microphone are strongly recommended for privacy and audio quality.

The medical services fee included in tuition for many courses provides eligibility for CAPS counseling and psychiatry services. Students who have not paid a medical services fee can purchase eligibility via UTA Marketplace. Students can review their MyMav account regarding medical services fee, or contact Health Services at 817-272-2771 with eligibility questions. 

UTA Marketplace

Students are eligible for 6 free individual counseling sessions each semester. This is based on treatment recommendations and staff availability. Group counseling is free. Sessions beyond 6 within a semester are $10 each. Missed sessions or late cancellations apply to the 6 free sessions. Psychiatry services are $30 for the initial assessment and $15 per follow up appointment.
Appointment length varies depending upon the type of session and your needs. Generally, counseling sessions are 45-60 minutes and completing paperwork (when needed) takes 30 minutes. 

Depending on your availability, CAPS makes every effort to schedule first-time appointments for students within 2 weeks. However, it is common starting mid-semester to experience longer wait times. We encourage you to seek help early in the semester. If needed, same-day and 24hr crisis resources are available.  

The decision to take medication is always your choice. When considered appropriate for your mental health concerns and goals, counselors may refer students to psychiatry to discuss medication options. Psychiatry services are available at UTA Health Services and in the outside community