Upon successful completion of this field placement, students will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the mission and focus of community and administrative social work.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of mental health and wellness, including knowledge of various categories of psychiatric diagnoses.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of social work values.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of social work as it relates to the specialized needs of selected population groups and discussing social work ethics using national and state ethical guidelines.
  5. Demonstrate awareness of personal values and biases regarding critical issues of social work practice.
  6. Exemplifying an understanding of not imposing personal values on clients.
  7. Articulate and discuss significant affective learning in a service-learning experience.
  8. Identifying various clients’ needs based on culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social class, spirituality, disability and age.
  9. Demonstrate social work skills (i.e. assessment, motivational interviewing, empathy and listening) as well as appropriate professional behavior in the context of a service-learning environment and in the community.
  10. Social work interns will develop increased ability to assess, and case conceptualize.

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The CAPS Social Work internship program is open only to students who are enrolled in the Masters of Science in Social Work-Community and Administrative Practice concentration at the UTA School of Social Work. Students are selected based on a successful interview with the CAPS Social Work-Clinical Supervisor. Only 1 student will be selected each semester. You will need to submit a resume with your complete work history to

Graduate Training

Administrative Activities

Staff Development Meetings/Trainings:

Professional staff regularly attend biweekly staff development meetings and/or trainings, usually one and one half hours long, providing a formal setting for discussion of clinical issues, outreach needs and community resources.

Diversity Statement:

The UTA CAPS staff is strongly committed to addressing the needs of a diverse student population, and our training programs strive to incorporate and highlight issues of difference as a fundamental part of the training experience.