Phone Consultations

CAPS offers phone consultations to help you address present concerns and connect with supportive resources.
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About Phone consultations

Phone consultations are a way to access support from a CAPS counselor through brief, goal-directed conversations. Referrals to CAPS, UTA or community resources are provided if further support is needed. Consultations are often available within one to two business days.


  • Focus on present concerns 

  • Connect with resources and options for support 

  • Appointments often available same or next business day 

  • Confidential  

  • Brief and supportive 

Schedule a phone consultation if you

  • Are not in crisis  

  • Want to speak to a counselor within 1-2 days 

  • Unsure about counseling and wanting to see what it is like to talk to a counselor 

  • Are not interested in counseling but wanting some feedback and resources 

  • Want to briefly talk through a concern for yourself or someone you care about 

  • Are not currently seeing a CAPS counselor 


Currently enrolled UTA Students  

Age 18 or over 

Not in crisis 

You will be required to verbally consent to CAPS confidentiality and treatment, and provide your physical location before a phone consultation. A private space is needed for all CAPS services to reduce the potential for other people to overhear and to protect your privacy and confidentiality. 

CAPS Confidentiality

Brief phone consultations offer support and resources to students. Counseling is generally a regularly scheduled 45-50 minute telehealth session. During consultations, a counselor can assist you in determining whether counseling would be useful for you and scheduling an appointment if appropriate.  
Psychotherapy or mental health treatment   

Crisis Intervention 

Documentation for academic accommodations or withdrawals, disability, testing, or diagnosis  

Documentation for visa requirements   

Documentation for academic purposes, conduct referrals, or BIT referral