Let's Talk and Single Session Therapy

CAPS Remote-Only Appointments
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Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk and Let's Talk Residential (LT-R) offers free, informal, and confidential phone consultations to UTA students. During brief consults, a counselor will listen to your concerns and provide support, perspective, and suggestions for resources.

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Single Session Therapy

Single Session Therapy (SST) is a specific, structured visit that intentionally involves just one visit with a clinician. SST is designed for students who would like to meet virtually with a therapist on a one-time basis to talk about a specific concern in a very focused way.


  1. Unsure about counseling and wanting to see what it is like to talk to a counselor.
  2. Not interested in counseling but wanting some feedback and resources.
  3. Wanting to briefly talk through a concern of yourself or someone you care about.


  1. Having a specific issue you would like focus on.
  2. Think your issue can be resolved in a single session.
  3. Not currently in counseling or have an extensive mental health history.


Currently enrolled UTA Students and UTA international student 

Currently in the state of Texas 

Age 18 or over 

LT or LTI: Go to MavCare -> appointment -> schedule an appointment -> CAPS - Let's Talk -> click "continue" -> go to question “are you currently enrolled”. Complete documentation and schedule a 30-minute phone consultation during one of the available time slots. 

SST: Go to MavCare -> appointment -> schedule an appointment -> CAPS - Single Session Therapy -> click "continue" -> Schedule a 1 hour single session virtual appointment and complete documentation.

LT and LT-R is a brief phone consultation to offer support and resources to students. Counseling is generally a regularly scheduled 45-50 minute telehealth session. An LT counselor can assist you in determining whether counseling would be useful for you and scheduling an appointment if appropriate. 
SST is design to apply a solution focused approach to a specific/short term issue, with the hope of resolution in one 50-minute virtual session. Traditional counseling involves completing a psychological intake, and collaborating on long term goals, with the intention to addressing issues over multiple 50-minute sessions.
Long Term Psychotherapy or mental health treatment  

Documentation for academic accommodations or withdrawals, disability, testing, or diagnosis 

Documentation for visa requirements  

Documentation for academic purposes, conduct referrals, or BIT referrals 

Crisis Intervention