CAPS Psychiatry

UTA Health Services offers psychiatric evaluation and treatment recommendations including medication management, if appropriate, for current UTA students.
A patient getting counselling by a doctor


UTA Health Services provides psychiatric treatment to students by appointment only. A limited number of urgent care appointments are available for students in crisis.

Meet with a psychiatric provider

You can meet with a psychiatric provider for a diagnostic assessment and ongoing treatment of psychiatric conditions if appropriate, including medication and brief psychotherapy. Laboratory studies and referrals to other medical specialties may be made. Referrals to community mental health resources may also be provided. 


Call Psychiatry at Health Services to schedule an appointment (direct: 817-272-0429, main: 817-272-2771). 


Initial assessment (60 minutes):  $20 

Follow up (30 minutes):  $10 

No-show or missed appointment fee:  $20 


Documentation of a recent psychological assessment with a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD is required for treatment with stimulant medication. Contact CAPS for psychological screening information and community referrals for assessment.