CAPS Ambassador Program

CAPS Ambassadors serve as student leaders in promoting mental health awareness and help-seeking behavior on campus.

about CAPS Ambassador program

UTA CAPS AMBASSADORS promote emotional well-being and mental health outreach through education and awareness initiatives. They also provide feedback on mental health-related issues and policies from a student perspective and attend special events throughout the school year.

Our Mission

Provide an opportunity for UTA students to develop leadership, community outreach, and human services skills while also serving as change agents in promoting health, wellness, and mental health awareness in the UTA community


CAPS Ambassadors are selected based on their community service experience, teamwork, drive to succeed, commitment to being a change agent in the UTA community, and overall leadership potential. During each semester as a CAPS Ambassador, students must:

Required Qualifications

  1. Maintain a GPA of 2.75 or above.
  2. Be in good judicial standing and adhere to UTA standards of conduct.
  3. Adhere to professional and respectful behavior.
  4. Attend all scheduled training, meetings, and outreach events.

Be an Ambassador

Questions? Want to join? Contact  Joseph Lloyd Allberg for application and program information.

Email Joseph


CAPS Ambassadors receive training and mentorship in serving as outreach assistants for CAPS, with the aim of decreasing myths about seeking help, empowering and motivating other students to make healthy life changes, and providing information on counseling and CAPS services to raise awareness and decrease mental health stigma on campus.