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Administrative Resources

Social Work Building


Files are available for download as PDF (PDF), Microsoft Word® (DOC, DOCX), Excel® (XLS, XLSX), and PowerPoint® (PPTX) documents.

Human Resources

Annual request for outside employment

Read the policy on the University Compliance Services website. Complete the interactive form (Human Resources website), and submit to your Supervisor for approval.

Biographical information

Login to UTShare - Employee Self Service to update your address, phone number and other information and whether you want the information published in the university directory. How to use UT Direct The Dean’s office also keeps a Faculty & Staff Directory. The Administrative Assistant in the Dean’s Suite will keep these files up-to-date for official correspondence purposes.

Dean’s Policy Memoranda and Governance Procedures

SSW Faculty Workload Policy

UTA Faculty Workload Policy

Guidelines for Promotion to Full Professor

Guidelines for Retention, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Guidelines for Promotion for Non-Tenure Tracked Faculty

Visiting Scholars

Allowable Costs Policy on Grants and Contracts

Faculty Development Funds


Employee Emergency Contact Information

The Dean’s Administrative Office requires all faculty and staff to submit name and phone number of at least two people who should be called in case of an emergency. Please contact James Johnson for more information x23944 or

Emergency Phone Numbers

Program the following phone numbers on your Mobile device to use in case of emergency:

  1. UT Arlington Police, Emergency 817-272-3003
  2. UT Arlington Police, Non-Emergency 817-272-3381
  3. Emergency Information and Inclement Weather Hotline 866-258-4913

Click here to access a printer friendly version of the SSW Emergency Contacts List

Faculty Development Leave

Go to this page to find the policy on Faculty Development Leave and click here to access the Online Proposal Submission System.

Faculty Search

Go to the SSW Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) to review the SSW Faculty Search Process.

Handbook of Operating Procedures - SSW

A handy list, by topic, of relevant university and school policies.

Handbook of Operating Procedures - UTA

Go to this page for accessing all university policies in the Handbook of Operating Procedures.

Hiring Processes

Go to the SSW Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) to review the SSW Classified and A&P, Adjunct, Post-Doctoral Fellow, GRA/GTA, Work Study, and H-1B hiring procedures.

Leave Policies

Go to this page to find work/life balance related policies and procedures on the Office of Human Resources website.


MavAlert keeps the University community informed in the event of a campus emergency by sending early warning text messages to phones, email accounts, and other registered communications devices.

New Employee Checklist

Go to this page to access the Office of Human Resources New Employee Checklist to assist in your first month as a UTA employee. This document provides a SSW specific New Employee Checklist to assist in your first week with the SSW.

Organizational Chart

Go to this page to view the organizational structure of the School of Social Work.

Retirement Resources

Review useful resources for retirees on the Office of Human Resources website.

Staff request for leave

Download this form to request vacation, planned sick, funeral leave, comp time or any other time off. Submit to your Supervisor for approval. The UTA policy for leave can be located here

Staff request for FMLA

Contact UTA Human Resources at 817-272-5554 and complete this form to request Family and Medical Leave.

UTA Policy on Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Gender

Review the Title IX Policy here.

UTShare – Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service section of UTShare allows an employee to update and maintain their personal information, such as Address, Phone, Email, and Emergency Contacts. It also allows an employee to review Paycheck data, update W4 information, and review Absence and Compensatory Time balances.



Login to UTShare - Employee Self Service to obtain a copy of your monthly earning statement similar to your paper check stub.

Paycheck profile (W-4)

Login to UTShare - Employee Self Service to update pay-check information such as number of exemptions, bank for direct deposit, etc.


Complete the appropriate form, per your pay frequency (Monthly, Hourly, Weekly, or Weekly Exempt), and have your Supervisor sign/approve it. Please return the signed form to your designated payroll administrator: Gina Gonzalez-Wilson or Connie Quintana.

W-2 Form

Login to UTShare - Employee Self Service to obtain a copy of your W-2 form.

Business Operations

Building Maintenance/Work Orders

Please reach out to the Dean’s Administrative Office or complete the online form if you detect any problems with building maintenance (lights, commode, air conditioning, etc.) Their staff will notify Facilities Services. If it is an emergency, please call 817-272-3181 (Dean’s Suite) or 817-272-3949 (Admin/Ops Manager) so that it can be reported as soon as possible.

Business Cards/Name Plates

After you attend the HR paperwork session, bring the stamped Paperwork Session Completion Form to Gina Gonzalez-Wilson. Faculty/Staff will receive a “New Faculty” or “New Staff” request form, from Gina, to fill out the information you want on your business cards. When the form is completed and returned, Gina will process the business cards, door plates, and name badge request.

Business Continuity

Past unexpected events on the campus such as floods, fires, and damaged server rooms, resulted in departments relocating operations, halting services, or suffering permanent data loss.

Business continuity is our preparation for these and other unexpected disruptions to continue to provide our essential services with as little disruption as possible.

Classroom Access and Support

Login to MyMav to view your assigned classroom. Please note, not all Social Work courses are located in the SSW Complex. If you need technical support in your classroom, please call 817-272-1449.

Copier Codes

After you attend the HR paperwork session, bring the stamped Paperwork Session Completion Form to Gina Gonzalez-Wilson. Faculty/Staff will receive a “New Faculty” or “New Staff” request form, from Gina, to fill out your copier code choice. When the form is completed and returned, Gina will process your copier code request.

Long-distance Calls

View our long-distance call policy and contact the Admin/Ops Manager to request access for your long distance card. Note: This card is usually only accessible to authorized staff, however, Faculty are able to request a long-distance card. Faculty with a long-distance card will need access to a conference phone.


Outgoing Mail: SSW employees can drop off their mail in the appropriate cabinet in the A201 lounge.

Incoming Mail: The Dean’s Administrative Office distributes all incoming mail to the appropriate department or personal mailbox in the A201 lounge.

Packages: Any packages received will be stored in the A211 copier room and an email notification will be sent for the appropriate party to pick up at their earliest convenience.

Official Letterhead & Envelopes

The SSW letterhead and envelopes should only be used for official school business. Printed letterhead can be found in the supply room in the Dean’s Suite copy room.

Guest Parking Pass Requests

To submit an online request for a guest parking pass to the Dean’s Administrative Office at least two business days in advance.

PowerPoint and other branded assets

Go to this page to find UTA branded PowerPoint templates, school logos, and branding guidelines. Go to this page to find School of Social Work branded PowerPoint templates, logos, and branding guidelines.

Records and Information Management

The records management program assists university departments in the management of their records throughout the life cycle of those records. The life cycle stages of a record include creation, replication, distribution, processing, storing, retrieving, and final disposition. Records and Information Management (Procedure 13-5) describes the RIM program and provides instructions and resources for applying records management practices to university records.

Records Management and Retention

Records Management and Retention (Policy GA-LA-PO2) details the purpose for retention and provides instructions and resources for complying with retention policies provided by the government and the UT System.

All official records (paper, microform, electronic, or any other media) will be retained for the minimum periods stated in the Records Retention Schedule. After this specified period of time, official records must be disposed of in a manner that is consistent with prescribed records and information management guidelines and procedures. Once the retention period has ended, complete this form and forward all records to the Dean’s Administrative Office for review.

Room Reservations

Submit this form at least three business days in advance to reserve a room for your next meeting/event.


Faculty Senate Travel Funding

Review the guidelines on the Faculty Senate website. Note: for tenure/tenure track faculty only.

Hotel Tax Exempt Form

Download and complete this form (PDF) and give it to the hotel to get your state exemption. UT Arlington employees should not pay for state tax when doing official business.

Meals and lodging expenses

Review the policy on meals and lodging expenses and click here to view the current SSW process for these expenses.

Out-of-state per diem rates

Domestic Travel: Go to this website to find out-of-state per diem rates. International Travel: International travel utilizes the DOD per diem tables to establish daily limits above which receipts will be required. All receipts are required to be converted to U.S. Dollars. Reference International Travel  (Procedure BF-T-PR2) for method to submit the required information.

RTA/Request for Travel Authorization

Click here to access the RTA form. Please complete and submit to Accounting in the Dean’s Suite at least 2 weeks prior to travel dates. Consult this page for further guidelines on Travel.

Student travel policy

Review the guidelines and access required forms for Student/Group travel.

Transportation policy

Click here to access current UTA travel policies and procedures.


Go to the Travel section on the Division of Business Affairs website for all forms and links.

Travel Agencies, Airfare, Car Rentals and Hotels

Go to this page for information about the two travel agencies authorized by the UT System to book airline flights and direct bill the University. You can also find where to look for car rental agencies and hotels that have contracted rates with the State of Texas and UT System.

Travel reimbursements

Login to UTShare - Employee Self Service to complete your Expense Report post-travel. Procedure 2-90 provides detailed information on completing required documentation for travel reimbursements.

Traveler Checklist

Here is a helpful traveler checklist. This is not required to be used. It is given to assist you in planning before travel.

UTA travel policy

Go to this section of the Division of Business Affairs website for university rules and guidelines related to travel.

Vehicle Rental Tax Exemption Certificate

Download and complete this form if you pay for your rental car using a personal credit card instead of direct billing. Read the policy for car rentals here.

IT Policies & Procedures

IT Support

IT support is provided by the SSW IT Team. Submit a ServiceNow Self-Service Ticket for technical support. You can call 817.272.2208. You can also email our in-house IT personnel at

Department Equipment Replacement and Upgrade Policy

Review the policy for department equipment replacement and upgrade guidelines set forth by UTA.

Technology Guide for New Faculty

This guide provides information to new faculty members about the SSW standards of practice for technology equipment, software, and hardware.

Removal of Equipment Form

Please complete the equipment checkout form at the bottom of this page for any SSW equipment that will be taken off campus for work purposes.

Software Review and Approval Process

In order to maintain compliance with all Federal, State and UT System regulations regarding accessibility and data security, a process has been established by the Office of Information Technology and the Information Security Office to ensure all software, cloud-based tools and applications, and on-line databases accessed by faculty, staff or students are reviewed and adhere to these requirements. Follow this link for directions on how to proceed with your review when needed.

IT Policy and Procedure Index

Go to this page to review all UTA IT forms, policies, and procedures.

Information Security Office

The Information Security Office fosters best practices for preventing unauthorized access or changes to information or information systems, and ensures that both are available to individuals who have a need-to-know.

Purchase Orders

Media/Software Requests

All media/software purchase(s) require pre-approval. To request approval, please go to:

If you have any questions on how to complete the form our SSW IT at You can also review the Software Review and Approval Process.

Official occasion expense form

Download and complete this form and submit PRIOR to your official occasion. Submit a copy to SSW Accounting in the Dean’s Suite.

PROCard request

Please see your Supervisor to request a ProCard. Note: for authorized staff only.

State Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

Departments are now able to print and sign their own State Sales Tax Exemption Certificates rather than requesting a copy from the Office of Accounting. Download form: Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification. A hard copy of this form can be located in the Dean’s Suite.

Teaching Policies & Resources

Approved Course Descriptions

The course descriptions and objectives are listed on the master syllabi, which are accessible via the SyllaBuilder website.

Book orders

Full-time Faculty members are required to order their own copies of their assigned course(s) textbook(s). Adjuncts should receive a link from the Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs to request books for their assigned course(s).

Faculty Committees

All Faculty members will be assigned to various committees each academic year. These assignments are determined by previous preferences/requests, Faculty vote, input from the Chair of each committee (The Committees on Committees) and the Dean’s balance and fairness in overall workload. The Chair of each committee is responsible for keeping minutes for meetings utilizing this form.

Resources for Online Teaching & Learning

The Online Social Work and Learning Resource Center serves as a teaching resource for full-time and adjunct faculty and doctoral students. Resources, including instructional videos, slide tutorials, screencasts, and bibliographies are available for a variety of topics related to teaching online and using technology to engage students in virtual as well as traditional classrooms.

Resources and Guidance for Reporting Student Concerns

We have multiple resources to help you whenever there is cause for concern for a student’s wellbeing. Consult the Responsible Employee Resource Guide when you have concerns about students who are experiencing academic or personal difficulty. Consult this page if you have a behavioral health concern about a student. Consult this page if you have a Title IX related concern about a student.

Syllabus Creator

Login to Syllabuilder to create your course syllabus per SSW guidelines.

Third Year Review Policy

Consult this page to review the university policy for Third Year Pre-Tenure Reviews. The Office of the Provost also has a resource page for tenure-track faculty annual reviews. You can run your Third Year Report in Digital Measures and submit it to your Supervisor.

Research & Faculty Affairs

Faculty Forms

Go to this section of the Office of the Provost website for commonly used faculty forms.

Center for Child Welfare Resource Library

The Resource Library for the Center for Child Welfare allows Faculty/Adjuncts/GTAs to access books and videos to help with research/teaching. Faculty/Adjuncts/GTAs wishing to check out a resource will do so through this application with ultimate approval by the CCW.

Office of Research and Professional Development

The Office of Research and Professional Development serves as a nexus for a variety of services and supports to foster the research productivity of our faculty and students while also enhancing the research capacity of our community partners. Go to this page to view newsletters, links to faculty research, and a calendar of events.

Communications & Community Outreach

Office of Communications and Community Outreach Website

The SSW Office of Communications and Community Outreach provides internal and external communications, marketing, video production, news writing, media training, social media, special events and community outreach services for the School of Social Work.

Special Events Requests

Download, complete, and submit the Special Events Request form at least 2 weeks prior to your special event.