Content and Format of Documentation

The elements that go into the Tenure and Promotion dossier are available in Digital Measures. You can run a sample report and look at how your data looks and check that you have entered all the material needed. Here are the categories of information:



For details governing the promotion and tenure process and the submitted materials, please refer to the Handbook of Operating Procedures ADM 6-300.

The electronic dossier submitted by each candidate will be generated in Digital Measures. Candidates will enter their data and their statements, which will be pulled into the T and P report. Other elements will be added during the flow process by the department.

Here are the contents of the report and additional elements added during the flow process: 

  1. Cover sheet and front matter.
    The name of the candidate, department name, college/school name, present rank, years in rank, proposed action, and the signatures of the candidate, department chair (if appropriate), and dean.
  2. Summary statements addressing teaching, scholarship and service as well as overall recommendation from:
    1. The department Promotion and Tenure Committee (if applicable).
    2. The department chair (if applicable).
    3. The college/school Promotion and Tenure Committee.
    4. The dean.
  3. Previous annual reviews since appointment (or last promotion) at UT Arlington.
  4. Information on teaching.
    1. Candidate's statement on teaching.
    2. Summary of all courses taught and semester they were taught.
    3. Description of what courses were developed or significantly revamped by candidate.
    4. List of all students individually supervised at all levels (undergraduate, master's, Ph.D.).
    5. All advising activities.
    6. Description of innovative teaching methods used.
    7. Summaries of required teaching evaluations and a copy of the Teaching Evaluation Instrument.
    8. Other supporting materials such as peer evaluations of teaching, course syllabi, exams, actual course evaluations, and other materials may also be submitted to establish the case for effective teaching. (Note: All student evaluations of teaching from all tenure-earning years are to be provided as supporting materials).
  5. Information on scholarship.
    1. Candidate's statement on scholarship.
    2. Cumulative record of scholarship.
  6. Information on service.
    1. Candidate's statement on service.
    2. Cumulative record of service.
  7. Letters from external evaluators (see HOP ADM 6-306).
    The dossier must include a minimum of six (6) outside review letters. The dossier must provide the number of external letters received that came from individuals suggested by the candidate, and the number of letters received that were from individuals suggested by the Department/School P/T Chair. Do not identify the origin of each individual letter. All letters received must be included in the dossier. Please see H.O.P Section 6-306B for details concerning reviewer qualifications. A sample of the letters sent to the reviewers should be included and the chair of the Department/School P/T Committee shall prepare a summary of the results of the outside review process.
  8. Faculty member's curriculum vitae.
  9. Department or school criteria for promotion and tenure.
  10. List of materials forwarded in publications file.
    Materials such as book contracts, letters of acceptance from editors of journals and so forth.
  11. If needed, additional supporting materials can be provided by the faculty member and uploaded into T and P flow once it is open in September. Create a table of contents for the supplementary materials so that you may refer to them in your statement and reviewers can find them. 
    These materials may include notes from students, letters of appreciation from community organizations, and so forth. Only one copy of the supporting materials should be submitted.