How to Apply

How do I apply to the MFA program through Slideroom?

Please remember that the Art & Art History Department has a two-step application process:

1. Submission of the application to the Graduate School. ApplyUTA.

2. Submission of the online Slideroom Application. Slideroom is a secure online system through which we can view your digital portfolio. Through your Slideroom application graduate faculty assess the candidate's visual work, letters of reference, letter of intent and C.V. In this assessment, the visual portfolio is the most significant component of an application. A successful candidate's work is expected to show technical skill and conceptual strength in the area of choice.

To apply through Slideroom click on the following link:

Select the MFA area of choice and click the "Apply Now" button. Follow the steps provided, create an account, and upload all documents into the four areas requested. (forms, attachments, references, and media)

There is a small fee for applicants to use this service.

The department will not review incomplete applications until they are completed. Both applications must be completed prior to deadlines.